Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hypothesis as to why Spheriods form in Space by Jane Jones

theory...formation of spheroids in space due to space being

left over matter (positive/positron) after coming through a

huge blackhole (negative/negatron). The formation of the

spheriod forms of all liquid (maybe all solid) could be due

to the fact the opposite parallex of the antimatter space

from the black hole which premeates our world is really a

continuous mass or amoeboic form which searches out

spheroid form to encompass or war with a alien spheroid

molecular form. see inverted conical form that looks like a

"8" form with the rounded "8" spheres maybe being conical

as far as the universe is concerned. This shape also

echoes...the form of the dna inverstion. As many dna

inversion would be as many big bangs the molecular dna has

taken as each level up or down would be another incarnation

in the molecule life. In the centre of the 8 is the

continuous point of the vanishing point on the horizon or

the beginning of the end (alpha/omega point) or convergenc

e in the universe. (perhaps?)(hypothetical observations and

conjectures).jajo 13 May 09

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