Monday, May 4, 2009

Messed Up With Things Too Big

Great ideas get big fast. Then the balloons pops. There is nothing left but a bunch of spent rubber. So revving your wheels, speeding up the process of progress collapses universes. So what else is new St. Elsewhere?

Although big things are attractive, like those huge all day suckers you could get in the States, which you rarely see in Canada unless you cross the border and go to a soda fountain, where all day suckers and ideas sprout non-stop from the fountainhead.

It is great to be alive. The feeling of Big Ideas is like this. You get a notion. YOu write it down, with realizing the many many consequences of that action. Big can mean better. Sometimes, as in the case with WAY TOO BIG, as in THE WORLD ECONOMY, it does not.

Personally, I do not believe the economy going global is that good of a thing. I believe it is in part or whole responsible for our fiscal collapse. Why you ask?
Without going into economic jargon, it is simply this, there is a lack of quality control when things go global. The tainted meat, etc. more on this later got to get the van repaired...bummer eh?

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