Friday, September 18, 2009

Poetry is Purging

You predict my actions
before I make them happen
or at the same time
i type "ok"
u type "out"
but i didnt mean to say "out"
yes i meant to say "ok"
and yet...
powers that be
or glitchy typeboard keys
accumulate these dervish swirls
in my mind's aye
completely vulnerable
a victim
to your power of sway typing methods

Like a surgeon
holding a knife
over me
while i am flacating myself
telling me it's "ok"
you want something in me
Is this a ballgame
or an "ok" used camel lot?
I say to the surgeon doctor
"Do what you want"
What other option do I have
The liquidity isn't mind to
water runs thought my fingers
like the liquid under my skin
flowing everywhere my plasma
surrounding sound
surrounding you

Jane Jones Sep 2009

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