Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beachcombers Episode: ReUnion of Beachcombers addicts

RCMP officer: Hi Molly, how's you're "reach"
Molly: I could clobber you on the head, you're an idiot, but a nice idiot, plus I cant say anything cause you're also (and I dont know how this ever happened) any RCMP police officer
RCMP officer: That would be prudent of you Molly
Bruno Grusi: Hey Aren't I dead?
RCMP Officer: Hey, We're all dead, this is an old shoe and we were all suffering from liver malfunction due to excess drinking
Relic: You're not talkin' me are ya? I gave up the drink after I went into it after Mollie tried to drown me! She didnt like the pass I made at her I guess
RCMP: let me put that in writing Relic
Molly; You can git the hell out of my restaurant, it's infested with rats anyway, that and users trying to find a SIS (safe injection site)
RCMP: hahaha Molly you're so funny!
Relic: burp
Bruno: Dont you think we should all just get along
RCMP: only in the movies Bruno, I guess you did get your angel wings? That's a nice bike you have
Bruno: What bike?
RCMP: Isnt that your bike parked outside
Bruno: Nope
RCMP: Then who's is it?
Entrance of a big fat Hell's Angel
Hell's Angel: Got any beer?
Molly How much?
Hell's Angel: a couple of keggers
Molly: I'll order them, be 1/2 hour, in the meantime, here's a couple of cases of Molly Brewsky
Hell's Angel: Mmmm good bootleg
RCMP: what did I just hear
Hell's Angel: Mmmm good for my boot leg, it gets tired on those long journeys from Ontario
RCMP: you're right there!
Hell's Angel: Hey Molly you dont mind if a few of my friends come over tonight?
Molly: About how many Angel?
Hell's Angel: Oh about a couple of thousand
REMP: what did I just hear
Hell's Angel: Oh about a couple of thousand black flies out there, eh Molly?
Molly: Yah, I hear they're thick this time of year
RCMP: It isnt black fly season
Hell's Angel: Did I say blackflies, I meant mosquitoes!
RCHP: yah, those little zappers seem to be everywhere, they sound like engines there's so many of them
Hell's Angel: that wasnt the sound of mosquitos?
Hell: No! That was the sound of my pose coming to take over Molly's Reach
RCMP: what did I just hear?
Hell: Oh it's just a couple of friends!
RCMP: We always like tourists! Here have my key to the city!
Hell: Isnt this Molly's apt key
RCMP: dont say I never gave ya nothing, haha!
Hell: wink wink
Bruno: what did I just hear?
Hell's Angel and RCMP in unison: P-A-R-T-Y
Bruno: Now you're talkin'!

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