Saturday, September 19, 2009

Get It Together 99

When you dream
What you dream!
what a schemer

struck down by ten
only one left
to clean up the mess

Awoke once more
only to forget
that remote memory

so soon so soon
the time becomes us
as the space between us
wriggles through toes
like new sensations
frog feet and some legs
lily-legged frog
grasping me toes
holding me down

resplendent dream
as leaps through the air
never bring me down
gravity's bitch
never to fly again
but in my dreams
oh well

as i take up too much
into my sinus cavities
from too deep inhalations
of heady spring dream
flings me back to reality
to realize
how whack
am I

you may want a linear chick
you wont get that with
up and down
in and out
here to there
far too graphic
how'd ya do
once more

circuits shortened
maybe too long
too stretched out
to be much of a
punch for judy
you really think i didnt
know what
you thought
about me
before the
proving grounds?

awareness can come without a pedigree
or a high iq
when i thought of you
and how you'd like it
do you really
could you really
feel like me
when you think like that?

sorry that i didnt prefigure
your predestination for greatness
Napoleon would be so proud
you come off as flippant
as you give me the middle finger
on that old
dusty photo
on the

snakes y'all?

Jane Jones
Sep 19/09

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