Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Dr. Felicia Phillips dressed in her perennial white lab coat with the gold twenty year service badge on the lapel had taken her premed student Matthew Templeton into the back of the lab after class. Dr Feelgood as her students secretly referred to her was a highly qualitied, open and caring teacher and doctor. Today Felicia had noticed one of her students test results seemed inconsistent. Dr. Phillips began to explain to the young premed about her concerns wthout seeming to directly attack the students personal sensibilities. "Perceptions don't lie, people do, in all imperical testing methods we don't trust our instincts trust we trust in the results; the strict adhesion to the scientific principals. This is an absolutle, Matthew, there is absolutely no room for error here. It seemed that Matthew was listening to Dr. Felicia as if in a cloud because he knew the final results this conversation was going to have on his immediate future.
Dr. Feliicia continued ad infinitum. "Matthew, I have read your paper. I am going to ask that you resubmit. Normally, I do not allow the resubmission of papers at this late stage; however, Matthew, I know of your potential. You are going to be a great doctor. You just need to focus and find the cause of the problem in Test Three of your results. There are some obvious inconsistencies here. The results that you submitted had the benchmark of imperical until the third testing. What happened? Matthew, why do you believe that imperical testing methods are important here at Harvard? I'll tell you why; it is because the scientific method does not stray from the strict formulative guidelines of the scientific method employed by all good science worldwide. Matthew was beginning to feel that Dr. Felicia was never going to start going on and on. "That which has been continually proven to be tried and true time after time is not accidental. These methods are always used to promote the safety protocols for new medicines and treatment."

Matthew felt that Dr. Felicia was not being fair with him, he wanted to explain the usual results of the test 3 but he felt he could not, it would take too long and time was always a premium. Results although rigorous to obtain were obtained and then once accepted, unquestioned. This happened many times to other students, Matthew witness the conclusive results that were sometimes the results of following rather than the actual data being used. In other words many students cheated to get the scholastically desired results. Matthew would never discuss these unwanted imperical glitches with anyone as the students learned from day one that these anomalies were considered off-topic, to breech this unwritten law would be academic suicide for a student or doctor for that matter. To tell her these new found facts would mean he could loose everything. He could not, in his mind, afford to throw away everything his parents had hoped for him. His future was the glint in their eyes, and they only wanted to see Matthew succeed.

Matthew knew he must become humble and accept without question her qualified opinion. Students must not question the sterling rule; it would mean certain expulsion from the esteemed school. Matthew knew how long, and how hard he worked to get his foot in the door at Harvard Medical school. He was definitely not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His entrance to Harvard came from his extraordinary natural gifts and a few scholarships, and one anonymous benefactor. Without the correct system we might as well be witch doctors or snakeoil salespersons. To a doctor, the scientific method is god. No other system can give the consistency needed to arrive at the truth. The truth of consistent fact, facts that never waiver never lie. These imperical facts are no longer questioned, as for all intents and purposes, they are forever etched in stone; no need to worry about their efficacy. Facts are never questioned here; we dont have time to requestion old imperical data for its efficacy. If we did that, Matthew, we'd never inch forward in science. Science takes time to arrive at this imperical data, not just twenty years, but hundreds if not thousands of years.

The rigorousness of our testing methods is second to none. The Harvard Medical School has established these guidelines to best conduct the testing protocols. have transpired to create these givens we need to establish baselines have been tried, tested and true. The facts never lie. They stick out bold-faced from the data, the outcome from years of strict testing protocol. If one sways from these methods they are no longer scientists, they are charlatans, and have no place in the scientific community. Matthew Emery felt a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach, as he had batched up the last batch of protein regeneration studies in his fourth year of med school. He was certain his errors would be screamingly obvious to all scrutinzing eyes in the biology department at Harvard. Matthew continued to remain c. If you want to become part of the team, you're going to have to bend to the rules. The rules will not bend for you. The scientific method is never compromised, repeat, never. This you must learn. Start again." Matthew rolled his eyes as he turned a bright red. He had already taken too long to do this test. It meant he would have to spend another weekend by himself in the lab while the rest of his friends were going to Florida on March break. Maybe he could get some help from his friend at the hospital Dr.

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