Friday, September 18, 2009

Poetry is Power in Purge-atory

The Compound eyed Fly on the Wall

The compounded thousand eyed fly on the wall
scurries to make sure I'm not watching him
with my two
big globes
as soon as he is spotted
by my moted sensors
I whack the heck out of him
and send him to where he may
begin again
in some form or other

Today I have no fear of flys
or flying
or being bit by the fly
who already did
when I was 5

The bug bit
with a big fat bite
my eyes swelled up so big
I looked like a fly
I had to wear cheap sunglasses
those pink plastic kind
my mother felt sorry for me
life as I knew it was over
I was now
a fly

I can see many different things at once
in many different worlds
it comes in handy when
your a dandy fly
flying high
seeing movement's smallest detail
clearer than clear
all the way
to a clear day to Midland

As a fly
I do flybys
I can whip around town
buzz here and there
and I like to buzz a good tale
if I have time
between the zappers
that seem to inhabit
every neighbourhood

As a fly
I am not really disguised
(how would you disguise a gly?)
I am plain and simply
with a thousand eyes
the world is heir to me
as I must be able to think
with each eye
each eye hopefully
has a brain to go along
with it
eyes without brains are
pretty well

As a fly
with the thousand
multicoloured eyes
I assume I got an eye
for each collapsing big bang
from that last fly swatter
what's the matter
with that?
I am liking being
as flat as a pancake!

As a fly
time can go by and by
to the bye bye land
of betsy wetsy
and all those flys I use to watch
slowly die
on window sills
and in bay windows
during the early spring
for awhile
the fly
would spring back to life
spinning wildly on his wings
going around and around and around
silly fly
you know
you got to know
you're gonna die?

As a fly
I take life in stride
knowing at least I got to see
a lot
(and I mean a-lot!)
Can you imagine
how much stored up
information I have on my
storage banks
all those movements of things
so I could just eat
garbage anyway?
What the heck did I need all those eyes for?
I like garbage
I dont need to catch grubs
I leave that for the spiders!

Jane JOnes Sep 2009

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