Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day I: In the Beginning The Time Has Come

I have fallen
lately tripping
over and over
a sense of myself
myself always in the way
of myself
wanting to be
more than just the pain
that this fall has recalled
from the day I was born
pain became me
What are you telling me
are You telling me
the time is now
not then, not when
you win the 21 million
not when you got it all together
(you never will have it altogeher)
maybe a fanciful facsimile
"Yes Lord?"
"You aren't alone in what you cannot handle"
"I will never leave or forsake you".
"Oh my Lord God, thank-you Jesus!"
"You have answered my prayers!"
You are neglecting something
listen to you soul
there is an emptiness inside
a wanting, a desire for more than is here
so I am showing you
and standing by the door
and I knock
(this is the pain)
and I say
"Let me in"
"Will you open the door"
"Do not fear going through to the other side"
"I am there"
"Waiting for You"
"Where you will always be with me"
"NO more longing, desires gone in a flash"
Now that heaven is waiting"
I can go at last
What is there is what you were meant to be"
"Come to the Supper I have prepared for you"
Drink in the spiritual gifts,
absorb the fruits of your labour
take in the air of heaven
purely exhilarating
longlingly remember
the cool crisp salt air

to the very place
where you place
your feet
your steps are measured
one by one

On this earth
you've been there
you've been here
you're everywhere and nowhere
when I fell
it reminded me
of those earlier pains
and then i can remember
and remember
the time before pain
was nothing more than love
and pain is the separation
my imperfect being
crying for perfection yet again
trying to be
made into the mold
putty in the hands
of the creator
who wants me
back again

Like Jesus
picked me up

ever so gently
With Love

from the pain I was experiencing
this world's borders a bitter hell
With your Tender healer's hands touch
my body, my flesh, my being here
my soul flies up to heaven
as I recall
the drum-beater's heart
of the only known constant in the universe
You're Love Is so strong!
Thank-you for this!

so much
you gave
and you gave
and you gave
yourself away
to me
I swallowed you up

when the pain
seared through my innocent flesh
flesh that was waiting only for love
flesh that was wanting maybe too much
flesh is heir to those slings and arrows
from being temporarl
as pain is really the sentry
to another world we cant cross yet

flesh that could in a flash
bring the most pleasure
bring the most pain
the two world's
our desire for the former
when we were closer to the door
as it slowly closes on life
to open into energies
that are more sustaining
more nuturing
more pleasurable
all the doors
all the veils
all the walls
flesh dissolves
flesh disabled
flesh without a thousand
tingly spines to tell us
of lurking danger
no more flee
no more fight
only set right
the thing we were
always meant to be
pure universal spirit
of the purest love kind
mother earth soul
goddess of sooth
love divine

the universe's
spirit's resolve
to bring back
all that was lost
at the side of the road
behind memories curtains
the last call
drink it all in
for in a flash
our flesh is gone
and we're spirit once more
maybe we can then see
with a thousand eyes
not used for defense purposes anymore
but to see the many world's where we've been
and where we may be going next
as I leave this bit of me
behind here
don't fear
there were there is no fear
only divine eternal love
and a knowing of all that is
is the endless flow of love
from chocolate lava fountains
pouring and floating
like whipped cream on a forever Sundae
eat it all in
soon we'll be so full
of the glory to come

as to come
to be
the eternity
our souls melt into
as what was once
the entity
the being
the now
of the Tao

freeze away
that pain
warm up
cold numb fingers
by the fire of love's
only desire
the powerhouse
of a place
that we can find
deep within our mind
that began us
as we begot
from much more than
the rot we've become
we polish
we buff
we wax
but we'll never be
shiny enough
for the sparkling
ferries on
on a slow boat
to lost shores
we know so well

in that place
the inner sanctum
the holy altar
where we meet our fate
great comfort there
knowing love
meets us
where the door
turns into forever
and you will never
go away againbetween
the two worlds
of this n that
the ouch goes away
as your love balm
sooths the day

in a minute
God can take away
what man has made
what man has done
what man can dream
in a minute
God can put back
all that was forgotten
all that was no where
all that was lost
your love
your mine
in this time
which is now
i want to tell you
all there is
i have for you
this has been told
from Day I

this little heaven
this little life lesson
i learned something here
pain says no
love says yes
pain like a sentry
a centurion of brutality
diminishes our resolve
to stay here
when we can take no more
meets us there
at the door
and we are never left behind
as we become
one with love
and the real
raison d'etre
to be

so no fear the reaper
the pain of the flesh, mind and spirit
the sentry who stops us
from hurdling that wall
Mr. S. Entry
no more magnetic convergence shocks
from the nitty gritty
unrouted, skipping record
our lives memorex'd
that S. Entry
removed from his post
by a blast
on the triumpant trumpet
of the league of thousands
of celestial angels
coming to take us home
where we really belong
we don't belong here
our we'd be right here
like a stone
we're just passing through child
we're just passing through
to get to
the other side
of the door
that closed
behind us
when we were born

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