Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Unending Infinity of Love

God is Infinite and Divine LOVE. Our Wisdom Within; "The Kingdom of Heaven Is Within"

My Mom's recent passing has left me with two feelings. A void and unexpressed joy for the joy she is now experiencing as the Infinite.
When I mention "The Infinite" I am speaking about Infinite Love of the Creator, The Source, God.

The Material World is the Finite. The Finite world is our burden. Expressed in metaphysical terms, the energy of the Finite may be fuelling the consistent energy of the Infinite.

When we experience life-changing events, such as death of a loved one, there a feeling of the unfamiliar, a meeting of the Infinite with the Finite. For me, this is the image of the Cross. 

As we all suffer the burden of life, having to suffer, experience pain, etc. The Finite is the Duality, it is the polarity of existence in The Dream.  We think we are awake but to what are we awake? 

Are we awake to the Duality or to the Unity? Waking up each morning, saying "another day to be lived"? We have this dual nature, but not really. The Duality is the Infinite and turned inside out.

We live the Duality on the outside, the Unity on the inside.


"There was nothing I could do to stop events from unfolding; I felt helpless."

Life does seem to play out a story.  The story of our lives, which look, and feel permanent in only one way; the ability to feel love and to be love.

If all life events form from the Unity's need to create a balance of enenergy to fuel the Infinite's consistency, then we can understand, or put into perspective life's many tragedic events.

All tragedic events produce a particular energy. Some may call this energy Karma energy.  The Cosmic Karma is beyond our understanding of how the Infinite Universe functions.  It is so complicated to realize the trend of energy, the need for positive and negative balance in The Duality experience known as life lived in the material realm of existence.

If we look at this Cosmic Karma's influence in our lives, we realize that, for the most part, we, as human beings are unable to control, manage or reduce or eliminate the negative effects of the tragedic Cosmic Karma's tragic events.

If our lives are The Infinite's carbon depletion, a physical manifestation of life which is, or may be as well the Cosmic Carbon depletion.

If The Infinite needs to fuel itself as an entity unknown, then it makes sense that The Duality would be this fuel-based product.

We know from Phyics that matter does not become "extinct" per se, that if merely changes form.  The process of life and death give an example of this theory.  Life energy changes from the inner place of "The Kingdom within" into the "Kingdom withall" upon death.
The spirit within morphs into a light being energy beyond our carbon duality of the atom negative and positive protons, etc.

As carbon goes beyond life into the etheral world of The Infinite as well.  The dense molecular that life is describing, the molecules that we are with all their intricate patterns and motion-like patterns unknown in their complexity and purpose; until now~!

As these carbon molecules that tell us this is "life", their carbon footprint being one chained to a centre that keeps undulating spiralling in and out at the same time like a breath, a breathing living Universe.

All these molecules and their function producing a type of consciounsness, and a consciousness of what in particular?  What is the function of The Duality? Physics tell us that carbon life, all matter for that matter changes form and does not "die".  So what form are we changing into? The Duality IS fueling The Infinite Love All life in The Duality needing the balance for The Unity's existence. If we see ourselves only in terms of the material manifest of The Duality we limit our consciousness to a decaying molecule that is about to undergo a major transformation into Unity Consciousness of The Unending Infinity of Love.

When we wake up in the morning we need to acclimatize to The Duality, in other words we change from our world in Our Infinite Dreams to The Finite Dream of reality as we know it in the material manifest.  This is the nature of The Duality's burden on us, and the nature of the material world's as fluctuating carbon molecules hell-bent on a mission to balance the polarity of The Great Duality.

We are basically turned inside out. What should be on the outside is on the inside, and vice versa.  We wear Infinity's Heart on the inside, where, "The Kingdom of Heaven is within".  What is the purpose of The Infinity living inside (within)?  What is The Infinity doing on the inside of us?

The Infinity's purpose is to add more zest to the nature of The Infinity.  The quality of The Infinite Love is to promote this consistency. It takes The Duality to do this, and as Co-Creators, with our intent and focus on The Infinite Love within to maintain this realm where we are to all have this over-abundance, and not have the burden so heavy upon us.

My Mom suffered for at least seven years with Alzheimer's.  This burden created a change in the physical world of my Mom, but the spiritual world of my Mom was transforming into this beautiful blue butterfly. With spirit "eyes on" this was noticed by me, and othe light images of spirit where showing up in ways that gave me a glimpse of the wonders my Mom is now experiencing in The Infinite Love of God, through her Saviour, Jesus.  The Cross representing Jesus and the way we all have to come to the crossroads of our material existence her and cross over to the world that is infinite light and love. The full experience of which is only upon our death, or maybe some long-forgotten or recessed memory of The Infinite, or The Eternal Love within our spirit/soul dna.

The fact that Mom wanted to communicate with me, to let me know she is "ok" and is now what I will become, part of The Glorious. It really is indescribably beautiful, beyond mortal words I beleive. We can try to explain, in the limited ways we have of communicating in The Duality's incompleteness, in The Duality's Broken Circle.  If there is a Unity Sphere of Consciousness within us, it certainly makes itself known upon death, when the coccoon-like process takes place whereby we transform into light beings.

The process of need for life is The Unity's way of creating fuel for The Infinite.  There may be missing holes or gaps in The Infinite and life is a guarantee way of creating the necessary energy needed for the perpetual motion or non-motion in The Infinity's makeup. 

This "missing energy" would be fuelled by The Duality's polarity.  At times the randomness of The Duality is needed, because The Infinite is so old as to need a fuel source.  Life is beautiful when we make The Infinite part of The Duality; only then.  We only get a partial taste or nibble here of The Infinity of Love's many goodies.

Life anchors us to the earth, to this place on the earth, in this life we live seemingly day to day. Yet our Infinite Souls laugh at the concept of The Finite. The Cosmic Joke.  The Unending Gaffaw.

The physical nature of this "anchor" of our molecules to the earth, to a central sun of The Infinite is curious.  I AM THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA, I am the beginning and the end. All things are known. There are glitches in The Duality that give creedence to this theory.  The repeating cat in The Matrix for example. The dna program is getting more and more obvious as we get closer and closer to The Infinite as the Finite morphs or molds into The Finite. That is why things at times appear to be so surreal, so unreal.

Similar to watching life events "unfold", we see it happening as if we have a deja vu feeling, watching the wheels "go round and round" as per John Lennon's song.  I had this feeling yesterday, helpless feeling, that I could not stop life's events playing out their destiny.   Although I have the belief somethings can be changed, or revoked with intent, The Destiny of Man is never changeable. It is known from the beginning and end of time. This does make one feel so small and unimportant, weak, helpless. a state of being totally ineffectual. The feeling of watching something happening and not being able to stop it, no matter how hard we try. This is human tragedy.

Going back to a physical explanation of our inability to make things change at time, through the most hard-nosed intent makes one feel very vulnerable to Fate. Fate is God's will, set long ago in motion, before the earth was formed.  As you are reading this "now" has already become "then". Let's delve further, shall we?

\Our dual nature is evident EVERYWHERE.  The circle of nature or the constant moving of one polarity into the next, the constant Spirallying of Opposites gives rise to the theory that the nature of the circle is exactly what we are, we are spheres. "Spheres are Here". Our earth is a sphere, it is our mother. We look like our mother, we must be spheres. 

We are spheres.  We are circles.  Spheres to me are moving Circles, similar to the Merkaba, which does have a sphere around it.  Our Central Sun is a sphere.  So this eternal sphere seems not as obvious when looking at the human bodies dualistic nature of two of everything.  The sphere in the human is represented as the human aura, unseen until Spirit Eye Are On.  We  can see our spheres and realize their importance in our lives.  The action of spheres is something that needs serious investigation.

The Sphere/Circle represents our wholeness at the finest of our human nature as Infinite beings of light/love.  The Body/Mind-SPIRIT-SOUL.  Our life energies are greater than the sum of all parts. There is some Sacred Geometry about this, and the energies of the Circle Dance is vital into understanding our spiritual role in life.

We were formed as a solid unity of spirit within The Unity's place in the Infinite realm. We are already The Infinite but are going through a process of reclaming more light. As lightworkers this is absoloutely necessary t understand. 

There were times when humankind had a finer understanding of the nature of The Infinite Within.  That place where we are in a state of grace fuelled by the balance of all elements.  That perfect Zen place.  Where all is heaven on earth.  Yes it can be if our collected intents are set to this Cosmic Intent.  Maybe it just seems that the Universe is slacking, not making enough heaven on earth for everyone, but this may be The Duality's blinders which we find hard to remove. 

There definitely were more consistent ways of "knowing" spirit in the days when we were newly formed spirit beings without the burden of the weighty carbon molecules.  When we transition we become a different molecule, no longer carbon, but some other light molecule from The Infinite Place Within which now becomes tThe Infinite Place WITHALL.  Fear and stress had produced hormones, such as cortisol which may have had a negative effect on the molecules of light that were abundant in us, and this changed our Spirit Consciousness and our abilities to procure and produce more light-activation.  The ancient art died out, within us and around us, we became Mordor-like(More-gold? a quip at the human desire to find spirit in the physical manifest), a human spiritual wasteland without our "props".

The place called Unity Consciousness is totally other-realm.   (to be continued)


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