Sunday, January 13, 2013

Feeding The Endlessness of Infinity; LIVING IN THE LIGHT OF LOVE Part II

There is great comfort and knowing this JOY-YOU-US-NESS of THE INFINITE PLACE within. tHE MORE we focus upon the within place of peace in The Infinite Love, the more we get to this PLCE being consistently here for us whether or not we still choose to exist spiritually in THE DUALITY or not.

Whe we experience a separation from UNITY SOURCE we are sour, dour and incomplete. Life becomes a burden, we are heavy burdened and life feels too much to bear. The feelings overwhelmingly try to exert this heaviness or burden as a way of being. Such as "take up the Cross".

Do we really "take up the Cross" spiritually for others? If so, how?  We "take up the Cross" spiritually for others by allowing ourselves the openness to allow the Source of Love to employ us as this. When we feel God energy, from The Infinite Love we become this love and we can help spread this love to others who are in need of this LOVE LIGHT. It is not all syrupy saccarine-coated tooth decay either~!

This "burden" which is given to those "who can handle the truth" is found in the many heroes who are "man-enough" to handle the spiritual burdens of others, or the burdens of life, found in The Duality.  As living from Center, "The Unity" we become that "Unity of Spiritual Divine Love" and can give this love to others spiritually as Lightbeing-Lightworkers.

Living in the Light of Love always takes focus and resolve. This is the powerful influence of the Divine Mind of  DIVINE Righteousness. Knowing, just KNOWING that this is the thing to do and when to do it. This could be as simple as saying the right thing at the right time to someone, like "You look nice today" or "I like the light surrounding you today", some spiritually-inspirational statement. I tend to stay away from image-fuelled compliments that only feed The Duality illusion.

Infinity's placement in the heart chakra allows this guided "Righteousness" to manifest the material realm and to transform the material realm into THE INFINITE REALM.

Others who are only use to living life from the Material Manifest are not living from Spirit.  They beleieve, wrongly, that life is not an illusion, that the decaying molecule found in the Carbon molecule will be the Infinite. That their storehouses of Gold or Mordor or "My Precious" Life is the one in which to focus all their attention.  "Wrong~!!!"

The Soul weighs heavy when the Spirit is not allowed to manifest. The Spirit can only come from The Infinite Place Within, The Creator's Place within us that is actually everywhere and anywhere, but the Duality clouds this Truth. to be continued..please not I cannot d/l images today sorry


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