Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Divine Light of Infinite Love

Awareness that we have Infinite Power of Love energy within us allows this energy to become our outer illusion energy.  

Our mission as lovers of the light of love is to assume nothing. The inside world is turned inside out when we turn on the love lights. Santana said "turn on your love lights" and yet, do we know how to do this? 

Simply; live for, from,  by, and of the light of love. Set your intent to live from love. Simply state out loud an AFFIRMATION; I WILL LIVE FOR, FROM, BY and OF the light of  LOVE.

Get into the peaceful realm within. That means, if you cannot "turn off" the outside stimulous which has such a negative effect on the outer illusion. We need to realize that much can be done to promote a better world by thinking of this better world first and foremost.

If we are just being spoon-fed or bombarded with other people's thoughts and actions we are victimized spiritually.  The need to not only create a peace place where one can meditate but to DEVELOP POSITIVE ACTION in case of the outer ILLUSION playing havoc with the self's sense of peace being real and powerful.

In other words we need to develop strategy in order to handle the onslaught, the incoming bombardment of negative influences. How?

Being Centered means we can stay in the heart realm of Infinite Love within forever. Since it already exists, and we know that everything in the material realm is decaying illusions, we can take this a step further and promote a steadfastness of personality within to counter any threat to the inner peace. Becaue it is our combined innerpeace which effect the cosmos, and this in turn can effect our spriitual advance as we do need to ascend soon or we will miss the Gravy Train.

What is the Gravy Train?

The Gravy Train is a term I use for living fully in The Infinite's Loving realm, some call it Heaven, others Nirvana. That place where we stay in Divine Love and we are not born again to the material but born into the Divine Light of Infinite Love~

So we are always in the Gravy Train, but we don't realize it due to the attention on the material realm versus the inner focus upon the Spiritual reality of The Infinite Within.

We really need a reality check at this point.

DONE~! Thank-you~!!!


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