Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Evolution of The Infinite

Experiencing love for the first time is a chemically altered state from the Material state which tries to "manifest" this illusion. The war going on between the spiritual and the material being case in point.  Depending on what side of the equation one places their "faith" and faith to me is a belief in the spiritual manifesting the material; eventually or right now?

Sometimes we think we have it all together, are living in the moment of being this Light of Love, the Infinite seems fully manifest and yet, something or someone comes by to "knock our socks off".

What happens then?

Who knows? It could be energy from the Cosmic Karma influence, which does seem totally uncontrolable as far as manifesting this energy in the material realm.  However, do not let our material burdens weigh us down, where the soul gets so burdened that the weight outweighs our ability to become the inner Light Being close to home seems so far at times, even though we have the property insight.

How much are we affected by others emotional Karma energy? Since we are all connected by way of quantum spirit, I would say we are greatly effected. However, the energy of others can easily be "put in its place" by knowing where that particular negative energy is originating.  Is it Cosmic Karma or Personal Karma. These two terms are very important as Cosmic Karma is in the Divine domain, and Personal Karma stays in the Duality; usually. 

For example, if someone starts yelling at someone else for no particular reason other than to demand that their point of view become the dominant attitude, then The Balance is all out of whack. Peace has been disturbed, and the flow discontinues, the Zen state disappears.  However, Zen Masters see this coming or they can deal with the negative energy in situ, and in real time when this energy should emerge. This reminds me of the Kung Fu movie where Kain knows what will happen prior to an event, such as the death of the Emperor.  At this point, "the flow" is halted creates an obvious "imbalance" in that energy and is detected with spiritual eye, or the third eye.

Could Kain have stopped this negative energy by willing with chi powers through intent?  I believe this would be possible if the Cosmic Karma where only Personal Karma. However, this Karma was undoubtedly Cosmic Karma, and Kain had to play out this "Cosmic Karma card".  It was his fate to kill the emperor so that other karma could be balanced. Sometimes it takes a "critical mass" or a "point of no-return" whereby Karmatic Influences can be balanced.  The trick is to understand these influences and by using projected chi intent create instead "A Stitch In Time" which "Saves (at least) Nine".  Do you think that these chi masters could not do anything about Cosmic Karma? I think together Chi Masters could do much to balance the material manifest, maybe "bring up baby" to a place where these energies are maintain with much more regularity. But it is a Chaotic Cosmos, is it not, and Cosmic Karma must represent that "rift" in the fabric of time...true?

I do not think that anything is impossible, because it has been proven before. Do you think that the chi masters, not at all concerned with the Material Manifest realms are fighting battles on the Karmic Wheel for fun? 

It is all about energy. If we understand that the illusion produces the ripples, rifts, instability then we are able to understand that these energies are the counterbalance of The Infinite Realm. In other words; a bit of rift (Cosmic Karma and Personal Karma) may be needed to stabilize the consistent energy divine found in The Infinite.

Who knows?

to be continued...


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