Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mag#149 Party In The Rompus Room

image by R.A.D. Stainforth
peering eyes
behind the bannister
nuts in jars
wood panelling
pica's damp cement
how much spent on smokes
and O'Keefe Ale?
today all spent
smoked up
before hookas
ash to ashen
pale to palor
red lips
piled coats
pinched cheeks
pj ready
crazy foam
once free-form billowy
now clingy
and stale
converged to make
flat coke
sipped in tumblers
slowly aged
by the magic night 
 like fine wine
soggy chips and cheesies
squishes into a paste
a treat only begot the next day
for all those animals who came
knew a good time
existed and
exited long ago
as i from partial bedroom door closed
could almost see
the aluminum tree
and the drone
of the color wheel
color after color igniting the white walls
Ed Sullivan
live in
black and white
never was color then
never was life tv
in black and white
as life was brighter than
green red yellow blue
cranking turning spinning
green red yellow blue
the mural of the Southern house on a hill
in multiple eras imagined
replete with complete
 reditions rambling
an old long forgotten homestead
so long ago now
time passes now too
although through child's eyes
Peter Pan-like eras
recording the reconciliation
constructing the restrictive reconstruction
I got the meaning of reconnect
Morgy Brown
Kirky Hamilton
Donna Litweiller
Judy Cassan
and the meaning of neighbour
a young girl
recalls these times of frames captured
huge honkers of blinding lights
snap the night away
in endless sucession
who could only
mix well 
 the tinkling of glasses
then sudden
gaffaws and screams
raucous laughter
I ate all of Mr Worall's jar of cherries?
Mom wearing Chanel #5
Evening In Paris or
Night in the Rompus Room
and I can see Janie in the Romper Room
do be a good Bee
 bye-bye party-goers
to learn
the drunken
I imagine how colourful
last night
as today is
Saturday morning
and left-over butts and pissy Red Cap stink
stares me downstairs
folks cleaing up the butts and sticky spilt pop
a slight mess
sisters telling me to move over
remembering now
only 5 channels back then
forever curled up watching
 Bugs Bunny
Thanks to Tess Kincaid and Ronaldo Stainforth

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