Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Moon Spun Her Colours ~ One Lovin' Dream

New Moon Spun Colours

First there was a deep dark stillness
a blackness blacker than black
evading every open pore within
as the Milky Way pour forth
Alighted upon the shadows
these ghosts of the past

So the spin went
To Ghent
Spun out in Greece
Whipped Creme in Eclair

For this new moon slowly began to spin
vortex velocity
chakra colours spew henceforth
hewn from deep gems
found in cavernous places of heart-feltedness
cut and paste

from the left over corneal tears
I cried for my blindness to the truthfeltness
those who, like me, lacked 360 multi-dimensional vision
or chromatic sound variable hearing
or multi-sensory touch sensitivity
or scented aromatherapy liveliness
or tasted tongue salty beginnings
and sweet sweats langour of gladnesses lightest state of non-being
before disolving into a blur or brain fog

who came forth to match such untouched colours
a blend of incredible rework
from the core of blue violet magic
mix with cadmium red of some new alchemic principle
of the like which is unlikely unknown
Stuck a magnificient hue of St. Germain's
deep Violet pools eyes us
in the Magenta Tachyon Energy Fields

As all was in a constant change state
aswirl with the spin of had spun
and will spin on an on and on...
Alive with the death ray that feeds Life

this death ray purple violet
so intense is ultra violet
we have no degree of sight for her
only seen through methods of refracted trickery
not actually present in acuity or accurarians tablets
far removed from sight

or from any of our meager five senses
yet felt with a feeling removed
from the deserted street or bordeaux wine tableau
a table of fable found
a diamond planet looms from my gifted distance lover
a panorama of intense vibratory sound pallodrome
arched hornets optical illusions
gives us energies always charging us with our return
as loop de loop wolves howl to the winds created
by such vortices and fluxes
as sound of pan flutes mimic our ancient unknowns
unrecovered unless oen to the starry imprints on our skin
our celtic swirls and spirals
empower our going forth and return to place of centre

as all does come together
to spring forth from the pen's fountain head
central seating on the axis of is
rising up from the sea
to meet where we've always met
we meet at the place where all this existing

where all this stuff of dreams
relents to the truth behind our eyes
causes oceans to rise
to the apex of all that is now
the most now one can be
pushing past the thresholds of pain and fear of pain
to become one again
crossing the line to take up residence in the realm of

fresh breezes kiss our damp faces
sweltering in our heated passion
the desert deserts us
goes AWOL
another wall pushed through
to arrive here with you

and all ceases to exist or to become
as in this inky space of nonform and nondimension
this flatness of being described on bas reliefs
which did not give much relief
washed our bodies in the moonlit waterfalls
breeching dolphins called
come, my love to this place tonight
find your one true love has always been
a bean or kernel of truth
within your heart of hearts

one dear sweet sweaty night
unseated the only unity of peaceful universal love
unswervingly centred into the fray
the host of disarray
aligning now

as alone as I was in multiplicity of this silent grove
I did groove into you
grew tall
grew strong
grew too long a time

as either left or right left me empty
and lower my immunity to your polarized return
as if higher or lower than the central axis
of this earthwork worn
where all spins off into
a centrifical flight
of blood guts gory no glory
a flurry of fury rath upon
lack of possession of love's
lighted from unicorn sound particle
528 megahertz of non-hurt love plasma field
oh the zone that makes the bones turn to butter!

the only worthy array worth heading towards
to forward ho!
as we now succumbing to the coming storms
leave the coast tonight
take flight my minions of pigeons!
into the storm these sparks do fly!
and eventually find our non-living counterpart
our shadow allies with the sun tonight
as all polarities eventual
do, please, come together now

as within and as without
as internal as external
as eternal as forever
everlasting night of our souls
this darknest night of my new moon dreams
spring into fall
fall into spring
winter into summer
summer into winter
know the seasons turn turn turn
like the colour wheel
like the cardinal sheds his red blood feathers
upon the ground beneath our feet
the sky blue remains
caught in our eyes
the last sun flash
we awaken from the dream
to be what we know we always been
here all along
just hidden under mountains
of refuse

find the last refuge
be the most centred light of love
envision your magenta shield around you
feel the presence of your Creator
find the place that feels right
where you
fly far away from the fight flight and fright
for this material world's terminal decay
is just the beginnning of the gathering
of the sun's rays multiple arrays
opening slowly
each rung its own way,
its own song
each own description of perfected sound
upscale whole living in perfect harmony

as this final particle's final release
the last night of light left
from the room's core fireplace
the tunnel from wence we came in last
to be first where it counts
who could help us when here we whelped winced and cringed
waiting for the sun not to singe our tail feathers
afraid we would not be able to
nor physically get to that place of the sun
where wings melt our dreams
and we turn to dead-weight heap upon the lifeless rocks
who once held our potential script
of free flight
dream ticket out of the here and now
and into the endless potential of endless possibilities

once I was lost in the tribal woods
covered in the forest floor
my hair covered in last night's smoke
bitten by too many blackflies and mosquitoes
waiting for the rainbow trout to gulp mayfly shadflies
as they hit in great number the Impala's windshield
amassive of number of bugs leaving their life juice
as my burnished skin
left beet juice and iron ore oxizidized

into the life surrounding me fastly spinning too
unravelling the past secrets one turn at a time
one magic moment of miracle
one belief held in lieu
netime unseen
these realms of my dreams
the rocks so silent open the void
as devoid of seeming meaning or movement
yet in their silence; a truthfullness
silent sleepers
creeping slowly upon the unawares
hopping like hares through the tufty grasses
seeping these waivering images
brain waves steady patterned flow
heated energy trapped over the highway
like a mirage
like a mirror
like a miracle
so this can become that
to find shelter for self
within myself
to find you without me
as I brought you forward
into me
into you
into us
the deepest part
Goodnight Irene
you are the heart of me
Bogo free
go go free
get thee free

on a shelf behind the wind-blown wood shed
lives a bird with no half-shelf life!
found my full shell(threw aside ways the shelf)
climbed up to vantage point
to find this life full of life my love
peered through those stormy weathered appearances
petered out my window
dispelled the hurricane illusion with intent and purpose
pepper my tail feathers with faerie dust too soon to fly away
piper'd my tall fluted glass full of love songs
layered the lining of my heart
with many good things
the fullness of which is my wish
to always to feel full of the bliss
may our lives live on and on into one loving dream!


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