Monday, August 22, 2011

Magpie #79 Missouri Takes to the Beach

unidentified photo, found in a Missouri antique shop

Missouri Takes to the Beach

We'd all pile into the old Chevy
Suzie, Billy and me sweltering head for the beach
can't wait to take a dip!
from the hot Missouri scorching heat

We'd meet all our friends there
it's always gawfaw laughs and silly giggles
can't wait to take a dip!
from the hot sand under my toes that jiggles

We'd all buy malts and chips at the hotdog stand
and take the cold chicken lunch Mama had made
can't wait to take a dip!
from the hot dungerees that in this sun did fade

We'd rub Coppertone lotion onto our burning red skin
each taking a turn to do each other's back
can't wait to take a dip!
from the hot and intense sun there is no lack

We'd play hop-scotch dawn to dusk
all we did was play, play and play
can't wait to take a dip!
from the hot sand burning my feet today

We'd all had enough of this fun-in-the-sun
had to head back down the long winding road
can't wait to take a dip!
from every crack and crevice what a sandy load


It's time for the Beach! Come on everybody and hop into the car! We're all having a ball at the beach! Go here;

Thank-you Tess Kincaid of Magpie Tales for this fun photo prompt!

Beach Ball


  1. For me it was McDonnell Lake on the Illinois side of the Mississippi. What memories you have resurrected!

  2. ah lots of beautiful memories in this one...and lots of the rhymes scheme as well matches the tone nicely...

  3. can't wait to take a dip...

    i miss my hometown in the Philippines, the island of Palawan, know to be the last frontier!..


  4. Aren't these sorts of memories great? Well written!

  5. Oh, what a fun time! Love the flow and rhyme...

  6. Summer,beach,a dip,a deep tan,beach ball,sun tan lotions...oh I'm lost in it!
    Such a refreshing read on a hot afternoon, Thank you for sharing this...:)

  7. It seems that you and I have similar memories including the sand in every crack and crevice!

  8. What fun! The beach is my favorite vacation spot.