Sunday, August 21, 2011

Magpie #78 Paint Me a Rainbow with The Hollies

Paint Me A Rainbow

(sung to Bus Stop by The Hollies 1967)

Paint Day
He's There
I'd Say

Please paint
all my

Rolls stops
Rollers go
Please stay
Paint me

Under my paint roller

All that painting
we did sweat it

slop and slap and shine

That Paint Roller
We hired it
By August we were fine

Every morning
I would see him

Rolling on the paint

Sometimes he'd stopped
And he would show me
what he got

Other people gawked

As if we were quite cracked

Someday we same

And ours are going to be the name

Thats the way
the wall got started

silly paint to do

Thinkin' of a wall to do

Beginning with you

Came the saffron
the blue was melting

No more painting now

Nice to think
that that
Paint Roller

Led us to a WOW!


Painted Rainbow


  1. To the VIEW ALL THE GREAT Magpie Tales writers PLEASE
    Roll on over HERE;

    Thank-you Tess Kincaid of Willow Manor for this fine repositiory of creative depositions and fine photo prompt!

  2. lol.....Hey! Hey! You know I've just gone and fetched my guitar and sang your version!! What a fabulously manic thing to post, Chicco! More need to see this!!

  3. Good work for your paint roller.

    Giving u a wow at the end is just great!