Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dr. Joe's Interview With The Solar Flare Chick

Dr. Joe: Good evening! Tonight I have a very special guest in the studio audience. Solar Flare Chick has been a going concern on the internet for, what is it, ten years?

Solar Flare Chick: Yes, going on eleven!

Dr. Joe: Thanks for that update...Glad your are here this evening Solar. May I call you Solar!

Solar Flare Chick: I prefer Flare with a silent accent on the "e"

Dr. Joe: Well that's hot!

Flare: Yes it is! Very hot!

Dr. Joe: So what exactly it is that you do do. haha I said do do!

Flare: Hahah! Dr. Joe! Really!

Dr. Joe: Enough joking, yours is, I hear, serious business.

Flare: Yes, it is Dr. Joe. May I call you Joe?

Dr. Joe: Be my guest!

Flare: Where should I begin?

Dr. Joe: There has been some interest in the idea of the Solar Flares having a direct effect, in fact this week upon our earth weather; could you please explain how this happens Solar Flare Chick, er, Flare?

Flare: Certainly, Dr. Joe. You see it is like this; we had a Solar Mass Ejection, or CME (Conneal Mass Ejection) about a week before the Goderich Ontario tornado, which saw 3 days of intense weather, huge lightening storms in Toronto which cancelled the CNE and plunged the city into darkness. Don't forget the two earthquakes, the Virginia quake about 5.6 richter I believe and the Peruvian quake, being around 7 richter scale. Then today the pending Hurricane Irene making landfall, with huge evacuations and potential for great loss. All these storms and quakes have been due, in my theory to the recent solar flare from the sunspot activity.

Dr. Joe: Wow, this is really interesting, what else can the sun activity do.

Flare: Well I don't know about you, but have you noticed a prevelance in virus/bacteriological/fungal infections?

Dr. Joe: Being a doctor, I can say yes! I have heard that the West Nile virus has made a comeback within the past few days.

Flare: See? It is not difficult to understand that all these events have a porportional relativity to the recent solar flare activity of our sun!

Dr. Joe: Why does this happen and is there any way to stop the sun from going through this active phase. If we could figure this out we could save a lot of live, limb and property!

Flare: Exactly Dr. Joe! We are trying to do this. My team of researchers have been collating various data, or number crunching and we have determined that the correlation is more than 99 percent accurate.

Dr. Joe: Wow! That's better than most prescription drugs efficacy!

Flare: You could say that! The sun's activity at certain times of the year, we believe is due to the way the sun is relative to the energic system of the universe.

Dr. Joe: Whoa! You lost me Flare! Did you just say "the energic systme of the universe"? What's that? I've never heard of this before...

Flare: That's correct Dr. Joe. There is a very power force in our universe which has a direct effect on our sun, and the rest of the stars and other celestial objects activity.

Dr. Joe: Really? I'll have to get my mind around this one...hold on. Ok...go on.. (smiles and laughs)

Flare: Dr. Joe, I know you are going to flip when you hear what I've about to say next.

Dr. Joe: I can handle it (I think...)

Flare: Well it is the fact that the sun is now considered a active star, one that is variable; a variable star. In other words, it changes, is not consistent. In other words, it could, theoretically, nova at any time.

Dr. Joe: Yes, I've heard this. Do you know why this is?

Flare: We are beginning to understand the mechanisms of the sun. Until recently, the sun was misunderstood, and was considered a stable star.

Dr. Joe: Do you think this instability may have anything to do with the Mayan predictions of Dec 21, 2012?

Flare: Yes, I believe so. The ancients, and there were many collaborating prophesies, Hopi, Mayan, Nostradamus, and others who predicted that there would be a catacylsmic event somewhere around 2012.

Dr. Joe: So you believe that the sun is responsible for these earth changes, etc.?

Flare: Definitely. What I am interested is not the fact that the sun may have an "event" around 2012. Whar I am really interested in is that fact that we could, armed with this prophetic knowledge and newly found knowledge of solar activity understand the mechanism behind the sun activity and do something to change the effects as predicted. If this is, in fact, the case.

Dr. Joe: I certainly hope not but then again I am not putting my head in the sand either. I am really hoping that something can be done. What do you have so far?

Flare: So far Joe we have not tons of information to be honest. But we do have many people researching from many angles. Besides the scientists we have parascientific groups like remote viewers, scientists, etc looking into the situation.

Dr. Joe: What are the remote viewers doing? And could you please explain remote viewing.

Flare: Sure! Remote viewing is a new tool, well fairly recent, which is a technical way of looking into the future using the subconscious methods of opening up the third eye, or pineal gland to understand past and future events.

Dr Joe: Are these "events" that the remote viewers "see" always 100 percent accurate and are there ways to stop future disasters once they are "seen" by the remote viewers or psychics?

Flare: The accuracy rate of the remote viewers and trained psychics is fairly high, however, nothing is cut in stone. There are always open ended chance, and this is due to the fact of the karmic wheel of "free choice or free will". Everything being related to each other in a domino or butterfly effect. Simply put; a butterfly flapping it's wings in Brazil causes tsunamis in Africa. Something to that effect.

Dr. Joe: Beautifully said Flare. What kinds of things can we do now to stop solar flare activity?

Flare: There has been recent particle research at the Cern labs in Switerland. You may have heard; the "z" particle experiments? The group at Cern's accelerator lab is trying to isolate the most minute of particle physics.

Dr. Joe: What were their most recent findings?

Flare: I have not heard anything as yet, however, we believe that the information lately has been mind-boggling.

Dr. Joe: Please explain...

Flare: Well, Joe, there is this thing about the sun particles. Recently the sun has been spewing off more of these intense particles from the core. The particles get expelled (like a virus) from the core. It is as if the sun has a cold thus the sunspots and the sun sneezes these unwanted particles from it's core by way of the CME.

Dr. Joe: So it is the core of the sun we are talking about, not just the outside corona of the sun?

Flare: That's correct.

Dr. Joe: Where do you think these particles originate?

Flare: That's just the thing, Joe. We are not positive but we think that the particles are coming from deep with the sun and even further back.

Dr. Joe: Further back?

Flare: Right. Further back past the sun.

Dr. Joe: Past the sun?

Flare: Right...way past the sun. Look at the sun as an end dot on a huge black screen and then think of the sun as a dot of light which has a string attached to it. This string goes all the way back to the beginning of the universe; to the Big Bang.

Dr. Joe: Really? The sun is attached to the Big Bang?

Flare: Yes! Through the energy field. All stars are attached by energic strings to this core sun or energy.

Dr. Joe: I've heard that you also believe that there is more than one Big Bang, in fact there may have been many. You also feel that the Big Bangs produce or punch out another dimension each time they happen.

Flare: This is a theory in its early stages of hypothesis, yes.

Dr. Joe: So how are we going to stop solar flare activity armed with this new knowledge?

Flare: Well, if we can control the particles that are being admitted from the centre of the universe, somehow thorugh various methods proposed, we could, in fact, control the immediate and maybe the universe activity.

Dr. Joe: Isnt that playing God?

Flare: Isnt getting up each morning playing "god"?

Dr. Joe : I get your point!

Flare: Yes, if we can understand the way to relate to the sun via sound of 528 mhz, the sun having a personality, likes attention from humans in the form of thought forms and loving energy sent to the core. For some reason God has made us cocreators of the universe and we can play an active role in how the universe functions, smoothly or not it all depends on heart-vibrational energy.

Dr. Joe: Whoa! This sounds so...New Age or something!

Flare: yes, it is!

Dr. Joe: How did you find this information?

Flare: It is actually ancient wisdom for ancient sages in old manuscripts and on cuniform tablets found thoroughout the world.

Dr. Joe: Really?

Flare: Really!

Dr. Joe: Whoa!

Flare: Yes, it may be hard to believe, but I am including some very interesting tapes that I brought with me today for your perusal. I hope you find them more than interesting and that they awaken in you some ancient knowledge you may have hidden away in your mitochondrial dna.

Dr. Joe: Mitochondrial dna?

Flare: That's for another interview; it is really quite interesting though.

Dr. Joe: I bet!

Flare: Well, there is much I must do to get back to the Tachyon fields of the solar plasma shield.

Dr. Joe: I won't bother asking, my head is too full of this stuff already!

Flare: I understand.

Dr. Joe: I hope to have you back on Dr. Joe's Scmooze real soon; is that ok Flare?

Flare: Certainly; I'd love to come back to discuss Solar Flare Chicks discoveries.

Dr. Joe: I hope you do find the answers before the next solar flare!

Flare: Yes, Dr. Joes, I certainly will try to do this! Remember; all of us can send waves of love to the the core of the sun and to the very back of the sun into the core of the universe.

Dr. Joe: "BIG WOW"!!!

Flare: See ya!

Dr. Joe: Goodnight Ms. Flare.

Flare: It's Flare Joe, Flare.

Dr. Joe: Not now!

Flare: Very funny! Good night

Dr. Joe: Good night Flare. We'll keep in touch! Thank-you so much for all you are doing (at least it is something!). Join me tomorrow night for an interview with a vampire or is it a werewolf....Bob what is it? Night all! Don't forget Klaus Dona's video The Hidden History of The Human Race...Great tape Flare! Thanks again!


  1. Fascinating theories, all of them!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Fuck the sun! Just joking. I would like to open my third eye before 2012. Not to be a Remote Viewer - that sounds kind of intrusive - but just so I can see auras and think deep thoughts.