Saturday, April 2, 2011

Magpie #59 Your Hot Mona Lisa Smile!

She looks satisfied
with herself, with life

She looks out upon
the vast expanse of time
from her perch in the Louvre

She is He
She is a self-portrait of Leonardo
as his sister may have looked
had he been she

She, the long lost Italian Renaissance princess
the flavour of which today we may only understand
slightly if such glory given

She who needed much cajoling to
console the long lost Romantic heart
found in her beautiful and ample bosom

She clinging onto a past slight or
seducing coyly with eyes and smile lifting
to the skyline heavens

She is the invincible da Vinci!


Thank-you Tess Kincaid for the usage of the image of Leonardo Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" Louve, Paris - what a great addition to the collection!

Please visit the Louvre lastest and LITERALLY opening here (that's Ouevre en Francais!AND IT IS ALSO A PORTAL TO ALL GOOD THINGS CREATIVE WRITING). And write or paint a la CHIARASCURO style in egg tempra or the new oil paints all about your favourite subject; YOU! :)We are all waiting patiently for a NEW ITALIAN RENAISSANCE OR CANADIAN RENAISSANCE, (FIRST ONE WOULD BE GOOD) OR WHEREVER...we ALL NEED TO BE SOMEWHAT REBORN FOR THIS HOWEVER..2012 is coming kids! :) ENJOI!


  1. Invicible indeed....wonderful writing! :-)

  2. It's great when the world of art gets turned upside down, inside out ... love this!!!

  3. Imaginations gives a multitude of options for the reason behind this smile! :) And Caddoc has his own!!!

  4. 'She is He'. I guess if he was his art and to us of course he was, that is true from the perspective of maintaining his fame.

  5. From the gardens in Rome
    To Venice at home
    Look around in Italian flair
    You can feel romance in the air
    We can lean on a building in Pisa
    But we still cannot figure out the Mona Lisa

    enjoy my Dearest chiccoreal with Love always(+)