Thursday, March 24, 2011

Magpie #58 Knight's Bridge: Where Dwells The Fallen Boggy Fallow Now?

There where the swords cross
Two by Two by verdant moss
Where hearts wounded be
lay the Knights for all to see

Battles fought lost; won
Legends of great daring son
Blood spilt like milk on the ground
the spirit left on Arthur's mound

heathens and pagans songs were sung
As The Gallant Knight's drawn sword hung
Upon horseback the Excalibur did shine
glint of hardened steel pierced the horizon line

here lies the found
stand down soldier on this ground
there where the enemy once breathed
greet these the future seized

Openly sit by the lit fire
on marble'd mantelpiece's did retire
These Past remnants are post hence
These glorious honours once fenced

how to capture a tangent moment
the dragons and their serpentine lair foment
the maidens cry as villains did torment
the witch Morgan La Faye would cast and brew
the three sisters boiled eye of newt or two
the warlock's magic remedy often hemlock
held secrets in Merlin's ancient clock
the enemy behind every tree did see
shield magnifying every magnificent victory

in our momentary hour and dreams of bliss
the arrow's target they certainly never to miss
before they'd die in the bitter morrow
heather would crown the fallen of the boggy fallow


Please, we beseech you, troll over to the portal of all things Arthurian Legend or whatever you see within the knights accoutrement of Love's fine armour. Enter here;

A sincere thank-you to Tess Kincaid of Magpie Tales for the use of the above photograph.


  1. Awesome tale, in honor of a great tale. : )

  2. This is a Magpie of epic proportion!!

  3. 'heathens and pagans songs were sung
    As The Gallant Knight's drawn sword hung
    Upon horseback the Excalibur did shine
    glint of hardened steel pierced the horizon line'
    Yes, they did a lot of interfering in others' affairs, didn't they!
    I'm not sure if you are glorifying the days of the knights, or saying they lived by the sword and died in the sward! Maybe both. Lots of word pictures to please the eye and the ear!

  4. Thank-you for your lovely and critical comments! I have been trying to commment on some blogs and I cannot due to cookies or whatever. I have tried to go to near zero security and still could not comment on other's blogs lately. However, I am reading the fine poems, etc., and I am always enjoying them and I am encouraged and inspired by the varied imaginative and creative verse!

  5. The fortress tall
    The dragon breathes fire
    The knight has come*

    enjoy my Dearest chiccoreal....yes I had to put up a comment moderator on my blogsite like yours..sorry for the inconvenience if I have to moderate my work Now but I know your always there with your great comments as well and thanks(+)

  6. I see you've 'covered' Camelot yourself.

    Kalendar of Shepherds is early 17th C, ergo much after Camelot.
    I am not at all sure that everything can be taken for gospel, but Spenser and the people of his time probably believed in the Kalendar.

  7. What would England be without Arthur and a bit of swash and buckle? LOL

  8. I can smell that witch's brew all the way from Willow Manor! Well done, Chicco.