Friday, March 18, 2011

Magpie #57 Shamrock Haiku for St. Patrick's Day!

Shamrocks in misty rains
drenched in March green lanes
lacy window panes

St Patrick's Day lore
heard a lilting music score
leprechaun's Roar

Down by The Green Spud
Dancin' The Jig at the Pub
Where we eat grub

Lost Pat Egan
Finnegan, Hannigan, Flanigan
Found Egan Again

Shamrocks are lucky
As players always stay plucky
spring muds are yucky

Last Call for Green Beer
Do you have the drink n' wear?
Save it for next year!



  1. What fun haikus....thanks for the smiles! :-)

  2. Holy Mackrel those are great haikus!

  3. An astonishing use of rhymes! What's the "Green Beer" you mention here, dear?