Saturday, April 16, 2011

Magpie #61 Scrying On The Inside

"What lies in the reflected glass" she asked glaring at the Redon
"A case of dubious motivations or secret agendas always hidden"
Seductive sounds of a hundred tinkling glasses and Paris' lustful nights
The couple held each other betrayed by the bright Brasserie's gaslights

they had known each other Biblically
this lover's tryst would have much to tally
so hushed the tone of the lovers' quieted whispers
as the wife continued praying her evening vespers

It was she, the solitary wife; the one to take the brunt; many nights left alone
And it was he and she, always them, the couple; together and out on the town
As the third wheel, the wife felt the spokes of their peril
Their action did create a sneaking around like a ferrel

and that which did pierce her soul a fatal blow
Her broken-hearted life now collapsed her spirit did go
She knew before they did become the power wield
Their fate would soon be hers; and ultimately sealed

Like three on a match, passions alight, somehow not quite right
scrying the two in her wine glass, the wife through her tears every night

The wife would claim this crowded public house
this betrayal of trust; she did then get quite soused
As she poured the last bit of wine on the ground, and gas all over the place
she lit the match, now what reflected in the glass, never his heart; only her face

While the two so unknowingly staggered in drunken stupor
the couple who were so hauty, always on fire for each other
holding each other so tight by gaslight
would certainly burn quite bright tonight



  1. Please go to and taste the fine body of work!
    Many Thanks to Tess Kincaid of Magpie Tales for her excellent art photography!

  2. There's something about gaslight, isn't there, that suggests the intimate and slightly illicit. Excellently put together.

  3. Wonderful. I've always been fascinated by scrying.

  4. amazing...

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