Thursday, January 13, 2011

Use the Focus of Intent to Create Love in the Universe

Yes, we have an impact on the universe by making our minds believe in something positive. That something is Love!

It seems that the Universe is a large sponge, wanting our input. The Universe n fact, wants us to ask for something from it, Love is a great thing to order from the Universal diner!

If we light a candle and if we believe that cnadle is our heart and our heart is full of love that will never be snuffed or blown out because the focus of the flame is in our brain!

The brain is part of the mind, which is part of the soul, which is filled with the spirit, which NEVER ENDS! See how this works!? Yes, good!

The flame of love, our little light in the world only increases with Love.

By following Ezequiel's methods of prayerful intent, we realize that our light, is the flame we see and it is NEVER going to go out , never! If we ask ihe Universe of intent in this way;

Please Universe of Love become the Love of my Soul! Become the love I need in my life! Become for me my endless love. In the beginning and to the end of the Universe, and in the middle, wherever I am you are here with me, always! A very encouraging feeling! Knowing this!

Love that has always been and always will be and can be so much more with my request this evening or early morning or late at night when the flame exists in the darkest hour of my soul crying out for more and more love to fill the entire Universe, to make all with a human heart rich with love forever and ever..amen.

And still this love flame flickers alive, still, alive to live on and on in endless plasmic perpetuity of love!

Love that takes on a 5 dimension shape and live there. As if our minds and intent lives on onn another level, a 5 D level!

So I tried this this early am. again Ezequiel's method of the Prayer Bowl, Intent Bowl, or Universal Telephone of Intent Methodology.

I think the bowl acts as a reciever and transmitter of our thoughts and prayers and dreams and intent and what have you.

We can "put it out there"! Our praers DO and can and WILL MANIFEST!!!We can make it happen!

That is so cool that Love Wins! And to know that by intent and focus, I'm able to effect positively the universe, to make more love happen for EVERYONE. That love can change anything to the positive world that is our birthright!, what we are suppose to be in mind, body and soul, once filled with the spirit of Love!

All this love I send out into the universe with this intent doesto come back to us as it should and when and if the 5 dimensional universe comes down to roost. It has upon my heart this burning love I have for my life and the love within it!

And then the soul does permeate all this Love into all the nooks and crannies, all those places where love was suppose to be but could not be becasue we did not know how to do the intent method of prayer, of action made Love! We willed this, we mastered love, we became love! and now we send out more to you! To heal our world, to make all those in need filled up beyond our imagination!

And this thoughtful intent is enough to make it happen; through and by our intent, our prayers our active words said ALOUD all our hope and wishes! Praise the Creator of Love!

And so love is happening right now!

Did you see that red light that had another dimension and just hung in the air like a force of its own?

Yes, that was love's intent for you and me and it will come to you if you want it.

Ask for love and it will be yours.

Your Universe wants to talk to you!

It's for you!

It's Love central, the heart chakra opening up for the lvoe flow to levitate your life and make it wonderful!

Go for the gusto, go for Love Light your Love Lights We are now On the Love Plane of Being Love!!!

Love begets Love!


Stare at the Candle with Love's Intent and see the results once the Universe acknowledges your supreme efforts to be the thing you know you should be all along; Love Is Magical! Love is Wonderful...Never can get too much Love! The Red Rectangle! It worked!



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  1. Glad it is a preggers moon good for my intent I think I feel sort of full up now to let go now to release this magic to you. Yes I'll do this!