Thursday, January 27, 2011

Magpie #50 Lost and Found


the distance recalls
the familiar snowflake freckles
the whispers quieted
silence surround sound and Amish simplicity
they hold hands tenderly
in the woods
they hike
the global village echoes far-away now
flesh gamey, flash-frozen
they too breathy and sweaty
envision carcasses of greek gekkos once alive

well-preserved the ancients
ended their well meaning albeit mien
evil in-store-focus group who amassed great wealth
with Consciousness thought
though the entity known as The Night Drifter
hung heavy leaded doors at the stargate steps
the steppes of Russia just
around the corner
as the marzipan overhang lay creaking, teetering
free to freefall down the neck of the river
like a loose tooth or hangnail
let loose
let 'er rip
overhead the snowgnome kicked on the roof
and muffled canned laughed as the
overload and torque shock absorbers
balanced the forces
chak boom!
soft as potato flakes on the snow lawn's dreamy fawns
the yards of the missing time
owners of time-share paradise
who just got flounced and bounced
never debunked by the new snow drop
with ornate filigree the ordinances mount
the ordinary a snow-a-deer
camoflauge hiding the colours
winter rainbow day
the world soon to change
collapse under the weight
of all this snow
I prostrate myself to the winter garden
as overheard by the overlord
entity of separate identity
examines the
the wonderment of life
this co-creator yearns to learn this year
these walks make me think I wish to partner now
as all those who dream do do this
they find fhese endless
winter daylights nights full of dormant sleep
wandering directionless to find navigation arrows
gps pointing me back home
yet longing to be further along far gone down the pathway
anchors away there's hope when
walking on a snowcloud today
as if walking could wake up something dormant within
starting a fire, kindling a lasting love
to find the time in the long lost deep snow drifts
hands held tight hearts held lightly walking the woods we use to go
a metal clang of the gong; a resolute
emptines resounds
maybe maybe not
we'll return by way of arrow

echoed through the halls of sentiment
the gap-toothed, the sentient ones snickered
encroaching and clanging
the dusty darkness clawed back
the deep woods should fluck off

flambe and crunching corn flakes dessert
good chi underneath the voltive and volcanic
shaken, freezing, shuttering shutterbugs
hands warmed by beeswax
although the woods is teaming
with dormant life it is no doormat to Summer's
flash of fiery footsteps
as the iced trees gathered closely together
like aspens in Aspen on the sloped shores
near the burning bush
shakes and snakes waiver quivering
along Ohio's border
build heaps of fire under us and the altar
fully kept alive
underfoot to keep warm in the Keeping Room
we taste Alchemic Hot Chocolate with marshmallows
near sick birch and apple peelers we figure out
how to be a tree doctor to
the acid imbalance found in the wormwood trees holes
breathless these frozen forms fuse with death
often blurred by lack of focus


free floating energy
swirling find us found

Too far to go forward
miles behind us
we turn around
too severe the isolation
too lonely to claim or
proclaim victory
like a steak dinner on Mt Everest
you've a right to eat that there
when what was lost is now found
the woods has a department called
Lost and Found
yet too much alike these two clams
say not much
alternating Monday's lost realities
with a cave dweller's existence
the ice age years
those who so unnecessarily know
chose not to recognize so often
but those who do do so with full immunity
and did so love the winter
and those who do not fake it
find many happy
Fluctuations in static decay
just part of it all



  1. A finely crafted mix of ancient, scientific, mystical and a large dose of magic. Love it...

  2. What is that I feel?
    Something coming, oh cyclic wheel
    The hint of the wind in its blow
    Yes might be in the distance, I think its snow
    For whatever space has Now been lost
    It is Now found in emptiness at really no cost

    I like the way you used the two opposites to make a good ending...enjoy love(+)
    Dom* ;) xoxoxo---{--@

  3. I loved the phrase "snowflake freckles."