Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy 201st Birthday A LIFE FORCE BOUQUET FOR Edgar Allan Poe "Quote the Raven, Nevermore!"

Today is a great day to reminisce about 201 years ago. Edgar Alan Poe, the dark knight of the macabre entered the stage of life. Odd too that we'd be celebrating his birth rather than his death and rebirth into...what?

Do we know? Does any of really know what happens to us after death, besides the macabre part? The fact that we do eventually become dust physically should set fear into all our body parts gone bad, rotting, corpulent flesh!

But not to worry! We have ways of getting out of that "old chestnut"!

We can think of ways in which our souls can transcend this earthly plain to exist in much less and least conspicuous and auspicious places where rotting seems to be the norm.

Not to say there are some rare beings who escape the rotting principle saved for most of us.

I am sure you can name them on one hand; there was a little girl in Italy who still does not rot, some saints, Jesus avoided rotting, as well as...well a host of person who have been particularly well em bombed.

But this essay is not about the macabre but about defeating the old dust to dust routine!

There will be a day, a fine day, a rapturously wonderful day when we don't have to even think about death, dying and/or rotting for that matter!

Look at it this way; literally! The above drawing by myself (rank amateur I admit) but the point is, with this simple colored drawing is to present some interesting ideas I have about death, dying and rotting.

First, notice the epicentre of the drawing. The centre of the circle where all our lives merge. The primordial stardust soup! We start of, as seeded ovum, wherein a chemical mitotic mixing of biological substance,mainly proteins I believe suddenly jump start life!

How amazing is this chemical life process!

But it goes further than that spark of life!

When we start off life, when we begin life on this planet, when the spark first sparks within us to become us in our full-fledged array of living human beings we are like a bouquet of energized flowers.

How long will any one of these strands or arrays of energy last? 100 years, 50 years, 10 years, 2 minutes, one hour?

Does any of us know the length of days we will share on this planet?

At any given time we will be called away, suddenly. Just as suddenly as our apparent burst into the realm of being from apparent static non-being.

But life is alive! It is meant to be lived in the minute by minute now of being!

How do we do this to the best of our ability?

We need to understand the life-force energy since life is all about energy. Mainly. Maybe?

Since we all start out as the planted seed that slowly grows and becomes a mature seeded being in this universe to hopefully (according to the will of the Universe) to become something more than just a singularity.

The urge to recreate is such a huge thing and takes up such a huge part of our lives.
How many times do men, for example, think about "doing it"? Whatever that is? And these are forces that are natural, usually, and we have to think; are we just made to procreate? To create more energy in this unknown universe as the universe unravels? Maybe?

Our life energy, like the Bouquet illustration clearly points out is all about energy.

We start out as seeded energy, the universe compressed and latent energy. Then this energy converges and emerges, like a butterfly into life.

As we live our lives the best we can not really knowing what we are or what we are doing here. We want to know more about what we have been, what we are, what we are to become before the "big picture" is really understood to any degree.

Yet we still don't "get it". The aspect of life force energy or universal energy springing from plasma love, the centre placement and starting energy of our lives.

Right now we are existing on the end point of our existence. We face death. Before we were born we faced life! What a conundrum!

How do these two extremes; life and death interface or interact and what are we suppose to do now? What for death? That does seem morbid!

Yes it is morbid to wait for the death of our life-force energy when in face our life force energy is Universal life force energy and that never dies. Remember your physic class? Matter never dies it just CHANGES FORM.

So what is our purpose here as life force universal energy? What is the intent of the universe for us, as energy?

We do have a purpose in helping the universe seed it's energy via the life force loving plasma energy into unknown realms of the universe.

Remember we are only thinking 3 dimensionally right now. It is very difficult for us, as 3 dimension beings to perceive other dimensions because we are existing in the physical 3 d realm only.

But since our energy never dies just changes form perhaps we have many more dimensions than this 3 d. Maybe we have multiple dimensions of life force seeded energy, latent or not, active or not in these realms where we can and do exist at the same time.

The bouquet life force flower illustration clearly shows how some flowers (beings) are on the linear life line and their flower blooms (dies or transforms into other life energy). We die in this realm, this physical realm, but that does not say that our life force energy is not being transformed at this very moment of now. Which is now 2 seconds ago?

As we appear to extinguish or life energy upon or death day which is really our birthday of spirit, as we gain more stripes, more dimensions along the way.

So if we are born as life force energy we are doing this for the Universe!

The vacuum of space which, in my opinion is condensed matter from the black holes that exist side by side with our universe of matter. So the non-matter our gamma reversed world is really our world but in reverse. A mirror image so to speak.

So in order that our energy is being spent on the best possible outcome, to make our energy transform into the best energy to supply the needs of the universe within and without us, we use our intent. Yes, we human life force have a lot more to say about what and where our energy goes, or ends up.

We have a choice to change our energy by way of superlation (word, sp?) or transgenic (word, sp?) anyway, these technical terms are important I will find them later, I am being called away, yet do the mundane chores of the physical realm to keep this going when actually I am prepping myself for...that time of energy change, hoping to be at that point of love at that point of now at that point of being whole, completely made whole with love so that I don't have to go through the bended tunnel machine and end up on the other side of the gamma reversed world, again!

So love only love will see us through this universe of the physical realm. Where we are hopefully headed is the world where we truly belong.

In our centre core where we are located we are joint heirs with destiny; with love as we have all began at that point of begatting. Our long unending journey brings love out of the core of our centre starting point; this life energy. Our little light will never go extinct! No! It IMPRINTS on DESTINY!!!

We are impacted by this physical reality but it is just transitory it intersects our physical essence, and super cedes our reality of the physical with our spiritual love knot found in our divine loving essence. We are love-knotted up together and we need to know this; be the love you are, the most love you can be to get to the next level of life force energies charging system to bring you out of this lasso of hopeless rebirth! We want to unite in love, don't we. Well I know I come along with me if you are so wanting something more than dust as a dessert menu!

In the core there are three centres, the core from whence we sprung. Hey I've been sprung! And we know this because we live in the 3 dimensional or "reality plane of the physical manifestation array". We are formed in this way because the universe has had three dimensional shifts with each big bang. In this place anyway, where we were born our 3 d physicalness is due to the fact the universe has had (for us at this time) 3 big bangs and the end result is our 3 dimensional physical body.

Next time we may have another big bang that will bring out another dimension so then we may be 4th dimensional physical or non-physical not sure about this yet.

And no matter how long, how short one's life, or what colour their rainbow flower, if we are smart we will know at the time of death to be that love which is the transforming elixir of our energy source. Love is what makes more love happens and this is our purpose on this earth; to be the love we are. It is that simple and profound.

So happy birthday Edgar Allan Poe! You realized the true value of the life force energy, that being Love. Happy Birthday and many more to you on your mystic jumping journey through the Universe!

Cheers! and Cheers to Poe's toaster, whoever that may be; The Raven, perhaps?!



  1. Well isn't this a happy coincidence! Edgar Alln Poe and me like Physics and cosmology! Eureka: A Prose Poem, an essay written in 1848, included a cosmological theory that presaged the Big Bang theory by 80 years,[114][115] as well as the first plausible solution to Olbers' paradox.[116] [117] Poe eschewed the scientific method in Eureka and instead wrote from pure intuition.[118] For this reason, he considered it a work of art, not science,[118] but insisted that it was still true[119] and considered it to be his career masterpiece.[120] Even so, Eureka is full of scientific errors. In particular, Poe's suggestions opposed Newtonian principles regarding the density and rotation of planets.[121]"Wikipedia on EAP
    and about the Poe Toaster...(more on the toaster than Poe so it seems!)Poe ToasterMain article: Poe Toaster
    Adding to the mystery surrounding Poe's death, an unknown visitor affectionately referred to as the "Poe Toaster" paid homage to Poe's grave annually beginning in 1949. As the tradition carried on for more than 60 years, it is likely that the "Poe Toaster" was actually several individuals, though the tribute was always the same. Every January 19, in the early hours of the morning, the person made a toast of cognac to Poe's original grave marker and left three roses. Members of the Edgar Allan Poe Society in Baltimore helped protect this tradition for decades. On August 15, 2007, Sam Porpora, a former historian at the Westminster Church in Baltimore where Poe is buried, claimed that he had started the tradition in the 1960s. Porpora said the claim that the tradition began in 1949 was a hoax in order to raise money and enhance the profile of the church. His story has not been confirmed,[136] and some details he gave to the press have been pointed out as factually inaccurate.[137] For the first year since 1949, the Poe Toaster did not appear on January 19, 2010,[138] leading to local speculation that the Toaster himself may have passed on." from Wikipeia on Edgar Allan Poe Enjoy my pretties!

  2. Wow, that was some post! Just perfect for EAP's birthday!