Saturday, January 15, 2011


nitty gritty itchy
all day moldy oldy
cat-scratchy flesh
tired achy needy
feely the drawing pool
supplant the planted
warm and fuzzy
nectarine buzz
peach patch smoothy
finding my comfort zone
a bath at home
endless bubbling brew
align with my time
this bath o' mine
circadian rhythms bugs
overhead wires drone
i loose myself
in your love
I am lost

I am Impetus
All day long
recorded history she did
kept on her toes
this old kitchen witch
greenwich time piece
soon the old pains returned
to roost as ancient
aching feet holding her own
she did
fight back tears
in high heels
a reprieve
though the mocking bird taunts
he taut skin peeled back
pulling out her platinum locks
backbreaking work all day
deep breathing glory days
she'd seen better
remained remanants for her
poured liquid on the inlaid ruts
those universal truths
replaying each day
now Impetus
time to relive the life you knew
slowly relieving to return to sanity
at least less crotchity

I am Impetus
release cardinal sin
secure silent space
found spartan land
sacred and scarred
holding its past
midnight hour sunrise
release memory mantras
original earthwork incantations
A, E, I, O, and U
vibrational healing old wounds
move over self-defeating mantras
scroll over dead seas muddy masks
lots of lotus positions
and lotions and potions
to make a motion picture

I am Impetus
bring back youth
denature the unnatural forces
ravaged by ancient fires
kept the vigil for Virgins
withstood the test of time
that warped underfoot and bent
this fragile formed earth
needs another restoration
Quicky Shiatsu on the bus
hum a tune Saki
improve our condition
she with almond third eye
kundulini returns home
up the spinal canal

I am Impetus
Incredibly our Roman bath
recreate our soul a space
that pierced our walking woundedness
and sourced out our material world
to infinity or the next
premordial spark not to sputter
but ignite a torrent of molten lust
light up our bucking spiritedness
for this partial hour ours
whole and part motivational tapes
training our brain to just BE
A Be~ing called Impetus

I am Impetus
split infinity could you?
would you
bend the curves?
should you
play with the 5th dimension?
or mess with the mitochondrial dna?
delineate the magic from the supernatural?
eternity must be something else
born again to become this old again
regenerate this old degenerated
generator machina?

I am Impetus
as a virgin cult
re-energized, anesthetized
grinding against grit
hoping to be painfree
frozen and flipping out
multiple paralysis
stunned by being burned
braindead by waterlogged bog
forgotten not made
split in perpetual
perpetuity ad infinitum

I am Impetus
life live long but be proper
without adding odd scythes and sythesizers
incensed Patchouli Oil flashback Hooka shops
permeates etherworlds freeze dried as is
with Musk men on a rope
I like it too
all too soon
as the second hand stops
perfumed avatar swing my way
up the back stairs to the stars
up to the rooftop merging our senses
let 'er rip
soul awaits revamping as
the grass grew

smooth silky silken flow
razor clean shaven brazilian
floating epsoms and lemon
body shop elixir fixes
like polker
candles flicker
wicked wick
bright as a night light
no need to remind me
I am Impetus


"Chiccorealo" Hey have a good one there Paedar!


  1. Dear Teri: Right on! Cheers! Down the hatch!

  2. Wow.. a lot of kinetic energy over here... at my age I need some... pass the bottle please :)
    Have a great day!
    Lord Thomas of Wellington

  3. it seems this one breaks down in conjugation and then builds itself back up once again only to scream I am impetus...keep moving forward with this one..feeling of energy...enjoy Sweetest One(+)
    Dom* ;) xoxoxo---{--@