Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chiccoreal on "Form vs Formlessness" The W5's + H

Did you ever wonder how life all starts out as a tiny seed and from this seed, either large or small takes the form of trees, flowers, humans, animals, etc. Did you try to conceive of a formless world where form does not exist?

Yes it is difficult to imagine a world without form, since we ARE form, but we have an invisibleness too, a formlessness which is, invariably interacting on a nano-to nano second (or less) basis with our being.

At this point one would have to question; what exactly IS our being then? Is it form or formless or both?

Is it truly possible to have form and formlessness AT THE SAME TIME? At that particular moment where all life exists on the very pinnacle pin-head of NOW?

Yes! Indubiously, invariably and undoubtedly!

THIS IS HOW THE TWO worlds CONVERGENT AND DIVERGENT to make all this "WORK" in some sort of semblance of ordered thought and formed existence.


It is THE SOUND OR non-SOUNDS WE DO NOT "Hear yeah hERE yah a Hare" HEAR IT is it is HERE.. IT IS..I am here; I hear and sense this NOW of BEING which is all we have..all else is an illusion from the formlessness of adaptablility or individual vs group CONSTRUCTION of the CONSTRUCT(OR MAY BE)..mAYBE?

AND WITH OUR EARTHLY ears and eyes and other senses of the phyical formed variety our natural EARS. oUR EARTHEN EARS and Sembled Senses!(dID YOU NOTICE THE SUBTLE hOMILIES; the homonyms? All this seeming sameness repeats ad infinitum in the dna patterned production life line which is yet wholly unknown by man at this time...yet it is all is on tract, tracked and stored and told repeatedly ad infinitum what it is; exactly!Mechanical Reality stored in our dna is our thought to reality ratio of being. And it is all a very fine balance. Is the dna the tree of knowledge? Conjecture would say "yes"!

As this is our world and it is massive, as the dna wraps around the earth to moon; how many times? This junk dna is important; don't get me wrong, and junk dna should not be thrown out with the baby's bathwater, no not at all!) We need to hold onto these forms for semblance sake, for our intrinsic sanity, for our hold onto this formed 3D world we know so well, too well, maybe to let us advance into other possible and non-tangible worlds of thought. Therein lies the eternal problemo!

We need to hold onto our 3D reality because our brains are only programmed for 3-D dimensions, and find the formless worlds "unfathomable to navigate" to any successful degree at theis time. However, some are able to do this, and therein lies the genius! The magician, socerer, what have you...the "other worldly dwellers". Those odd cats that like something different than the norm of nomenclature.

THE seemingly simple yet oh so sublime and sUBTLE FORMING OF SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING WORDS? sO close are this lapping gestalts as to create a TIME GLITCH. This which is the proof that there is a something tangible in the formlessness system. Noted is the fan-like array of space vs form in the Universe for example. This dispensed thought-forms of the uniformed universal realms. And we thought we needed special discompensation or compensation to disperse the multi-layered layers and overlay at JFK to establish any form of prethought to formed formlessness nothingness which is something, really, REALLY!

Hope this makes sense!

iT WAS IN THE SPRING OF OUR BREAK WITH REALITY THAT THIS NEW AND IMPROVED SPIRITUALITY, SPIRITUALNESS TOOK HOLD ON THE ROCK. The Rock of my Salvation is the Root of my 3d placement in the universe as it is my Space and Time coordinate and I suppose it is relatively important to my stablilation of the sea of infinity in the here and now, isn't it? Yes it is!

So wholly and holey is space and the balance? I am holding onto that punch-card of dna left in my mother cell soul! I am not going to be going lights out without a linearness that was spreading thin at the telemerase. Yes, age does do this to one!

THE SEEMINGLY shocking and invisible line BECOMES VISIBLE all the time!~with our spirit eyes...that almond shaped do-dad that is known as the pineal 3rd eye open into how many more eyes do we need, or dimension for that matter? All that matters!


tHINK OF IT FOR A MINUTE; Non-space. hUH? aRE we discussing compressed space "dark mater which is actually more formed non-formed higher dimensionalmass than our formed 3D mass which we understnad here in this form, by our 3D limitations? Maybe?


Our brains, our rather, our thoughts are magnetized in a certain way, to accept certain ways of thinking that are often polarized and these are communal or collective thoughts or paradigms or gestalts. For example; we all see a ball and we

All in all, we all know this, all of us know what that ball is, certainly! And what the ball does, how it bounces, how large it is, etc,. In other words all of us are aware via somesort of dna program which could be via polarized collective thought to imagine that ball, made from the formless area of space as being what we think it is; "a ball".

So consciousness can be thought of in this way; as a perceived ball. We can imagine that ball right now in our minds. What colour is that ball? What shapes and patterns are on the ball? This is wher the imagination can vary our form-from-the formless thought and collective consciousness and the beginning concept of cosmic consciousness.

If we are imagining this ball in this way, our thought ball becomes or comes from ether. Thought; formlessness.

When we form the ball in our minds we make it vivid. Why? So we can make the ball of formlessness more "real" to us. More of a 3rd dimendsion shiping mechanism from the dynamics of formless thought which is ephemeral; non-existent in the physical realm.

Our physical realm tries to describe in this way our construct or our way of seeing the world and universe. Our minds which are living in the world betweeen form and formlessness tries to accomodate hard from soft, pattern from non-pattern, colour from black and white, which then fades into gray and then gets formlesss again.

How does the formlessness of thought activate the form production? How do our mind-factories produce this formed reality?

Pre-thought, Pre-consciousness word-sound forms. "And the 'word was with God'. The sound which does not have form forms in the formlessness of a sound which only can come together when..?

We, in this form-filled world of phyical "hard-tact" reality can create something out of nothing. We already do this when we are dreaming, thinking, imagining.

We think we can we usually can. Our formless world within is fully engaged to create endless possiblities. We are never limited mby our formlessness. We are the clay that makes the clay balls happen.

Man is Be-ing and Non-Being at the SAME time. C'est la meme choice!



  1. Happy Year of the Rabbit! (why metal rabbit? this is what I heard..) Full Metal Wabbit! With Fluffy ears? Fluff becomes stuff! What's up doc?

  2. C'est la meme chose correction pour spelling!Rather poor spelling!

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