Thursday, October 7, 2010

~~~Tobin Island Dreamin'~~~

Free Will
A Fifth Wheel
Housing a Coupling
This was the way to go

i'll never know now
about the intricacies
the delicacies
the frilly lace things
ny ancient ancestry
unless i go back and sit on it
claim it as my own
homestead a while
get the deed to what was deeded me
by my forebearers
Forthence black bears
walking upright
heritary dna
a kickback a throw back
dont throw me back
without a night light
or a suitable smoke
Fort nights ere long ago
ere argo irgo
like a homesteader dude
purple smoke rises from homefires
Alogonquin always calls me
"Jane, come here, now"
in the fall especially to visit
when, like the Group of Seven
i paint en pleine aire

Ottawa's our own capital city
tobin's island a stone-throw away
mcdonald dip o' the silver chalice
blessings to the clearest cleanest
waters this side of Hog town
immortalized lake
drinking the sweet nectar
sacred water of our God
Holy Jesus!
a dream of immoralization
waiting patiently
to build our dream house
St. Margaret know how
building rez houses
dream upon dream
rideau certainly knew how too
and mugwumps!
prefabricated stories
no lies
hold me down
was it on the rye or the rum?
with the ancients there dreams
were more important than things
the heart says the ancestors
is the wisdom of the ages
drunk with the wine
of the Spirit
flying high totem's magic angel's hair
know their fright night
bear walker somewhat ominious ways
to the uninitiated
tried to tell me
dont go there girlfriend
i'm the girlfriend?
hold me back
there's only letting go
you yell you let me go
yet you keep me here
tied me to the old tree
the old ways
i dont mind
more's the pity new you
got to know the true gritty you
blinded to faith binded to you to find
peace within love seeping
from every crevice
devise a device
flow thru teabags
let the love pour forth
like a frothy Montreal River
coeur de bois
heart of berry?
bind my feet if you must
to the musty old ground
we stood at the standoff
sending the spirit descending
as ascending off you went
tom tomson's cabin
a nook in the woods for snook
for truths come undone
and found within you
the beauty lies still born
if you have to marry her
leave me alone
to fend with hungry wolves
the tales I must tell
when under your intoxication
during this time of the fall
when all crashes down
a renewed zeal
upon my fated brow
the professor calms me down
return to innocence by the score
to Wasaga Beach free as the wind
St Marie Amongst the Hurons
had horrors, no doubt but we have
Father Brebeuf praying for me
as I pray for him
sending back and forth this
communication of Spirited Love
We'll learn about once I find
the key to the Universal truth
when the Spirit is willing
to speak on the wind to me
to tell me the long lost secrets
held deep within the core of my
unravelling, my ancient dna
tied in with yours somehow
Says the Chief
remember their truths
were not so simple
as the paths were many
could have been multiple
only one path now
how to find
the old ways of the old ones
held in secreted places
only the heart can find
our path to follow
tell us we needed to know
of the long lost turtle tribe
infinity bound
ageless as the seas
you leave you shells as a reminder
fully engaged to be one
as we imbibed the spirit
all could see
the visions
in the dreams
all buried deep in that old oak tree
keeps me safe and warm
as i protector and provisioner
imparting harvest's bounty
dispensing wisdom
departing never
free from any harm
you bleed the precious blood
free from any stripe
free from any whip from mortal coil
or Mississauga Rattlesnake who makes
the medicine man
as those ancestors are held
within its trunk
never leave me
stay rooted
til kingdom come


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  1. a house to build a dream on is the spirit which houses the soul's coupling