Thursday, October 7, 2010

~~Magpie #35 Fall Leaves Memories + Leaves In the Grass ~ Inspired by Walt Whitman~~~

leaves in the grass
full tilt
willy nilly
waning, waxing
pruning and tuning
a flux of spontaneousness
urge of creation
get ready it's fall tune up!

wind whips skirts the issue
hair flying willy-nilly~whoa nelly
bottom of the ninth leaves defy
gravity defying summer's last overtures
picnic tuna sandwiches on the lawn

a gaggle of geese
flopping and flying

seemingly smooth
as transitions go
no toggle nor taggle
so suddenly
fall switches on

shimmering sunlit birch leaves
birds fly bye-bye
crimson crisp apples
with maple shine
stomping crunching
kicking the light fantastic
stars beneath our feet

flying whips whispy
flippy hair everywhere
trying to drink through a straw
as every mouth stays closed
forego the flying debris

listening to the Mozart opus
to Dvorzak's crash
heard harolding music
through tree leaves
Her Majesty's musical score
autumn's crescendo a vortex
listen to the seasonal symphony
sitting by babbling brooks
everywhere there is sound

handfuls of dried up deadheads
next year's seeds
time to turn the sod
plant perrenial
hopeful next years crop
before I drop
and sleep soundly through the winter
last season's still alive somehow
leaves us with a promise
a duty foretold by forefathers
with whimsy a cap to be donned
throw caution to the wind
go naked as a bluejay
lets all fall down
take us away
fly high like the leaves
we're all yestedays's child
make like a tree and leave
head back to school
remember when?

piled high leaves
Jove's place to
nest in which to plop
a flop house of leaves
don't leave us alone
did I sit in that
poop when i plopped?
Mom yells
it's fall kids
come on back home again
were not getting older
were getting much better
if not somewhat uglier
cause were dying slowly
like the fallen from trees
but not to worry
it just a creepy
change of seasons
creeping up on us!

landing hither and thither
anything goes
on the heather
and on everyone else
fall leaves us so
full of potential
about ourselves
To be or not Toby?


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