Thursday, October 28, 2010

~~~Magpie 38~~~ Soul Walkers by EA Wilson~~~

The Soul Walkers by EA Wilson channelled by Jane Jones

Gone but not forgotten
E A Wilson
trying to piece together
the potsherd fragment
what was left behind
November 29, 1858
This broken soul marker
speaks not of self
but of the Soul Maker
as you Soul Walkers
EA Wilson
who could?
not you!
could ever hold back
how your blood once flowed
pure and innocent
through places unknown
we do know this
you lived!
and shall live again!
but for tonight
in this sleepy keeping room
we've kept these fragmented
those dog-earred photos
you knew these
who were you
these unknown
energies alive

as to most
you're just a faded memory
not to us magpie believers
unless the prophesy
or your progeny and friends
would say
knew more than they could say
your immortalized bones
now just a name
EA Wilson
now just a time
Nov 29, 1885
not much to tell but
you know more
its time
we dig
we shall dig
we will dig deeper
scrying faded newspapers
in the local lake
going over the records
for the records on microfiche
at the local all-night library?

cut out pieces
out of place in a time
E A Wilson
you come back
all came together
for this time
sliver of night
through the new
silver moon
to make you anew
whole in spirit form'd
from earthen vessel'd souls
before fade like a final curtain call
you were once
save for this night
almost completely lost to us

the Soul Walkers
need to speak
of that swift-flighted bird
landed alight to return
quiet now
quote the quail nevermore
save for this night
listen to the rustle of children feet
playing beneath the cemetery's trees
who are you
EA Wilson?
listen to us
speak to us
tell us what happened then
as for now we wait
in this place of your tomb
swaying and swinging
as willow's mentronome-like movement
Beethoven's 5th Symphony
save for the tumult and timbre of time
saved for posterity
these old bones
wanting to tell all
EA Wilson
you who by now
can see far past eternity
so so sad to say
we miss you today
please tell us
about infinity
we need to ask you this
back from the grave
to stay here
but briefly
we need to know
you need to tell us
your story
before all fades away
and long ago goes home
go home
EA Wilson
to the Soul Maker
you the Soul Walker
EA Wilson
we welcome you
The Soul Maker soon
to welcome you
with open arms
with Compassionate Love

Our brains have been given over
like a trance-filled shaman
this physical alchemy
our brain; our omigdula
fearfulness of fear no more
we'll stay
put on the backburner the shiver
with memory's emulsive burn;
the constant erosion of time
evolved this time
our surety

As you are now left
huddled under the altar
crying for Revelation
I am not dead!
the late wait to unravel
split your grave in two
the grave would not hold
could not hold
your innate fierceness
to hold onto life
queued to quickening
your Soul's Independence
the Country's storehouse
a warehouse full
of souls
to claim

the Spirit
who broke the mold
evoke the long dead
that which tried to hold you in...
now released
for this moment only
this Samhain's opening
awaken once more
animated to speak tales
of old
to us in this present

from all that is covered
shall hover for a time
this long gone buried past
reborn this night
from your earthen shroud
the cold cold grave?
what pray tell
E A Wilson
to speak with us
this Samhain
this Hallow'd eve night?
"Wait! Hence! To be revealed..."
says EA Wilson



  1. Wonderful Mag. Love the wordplay. Nice take. Love and Light, Sender

  2. Love the details in this poem! Great Magpie!

  3. nice. particularly like scrying newspapers in the local did well with this one...

  4. U had a lot 2 say about E. A. Wilson. Great tribute.

  5. You're a first-class channel, if I may say!

  6. Lovely poem, an ode... to one lost so long ago. Like the flow of this, well done.

  7. wow,
    your words fall like waterfall.
    well plotted tale.

  8. Your poem is not notable for its concision is it? And is not E.Wilson one of the parents, the other being A.Wilson, of a child Juila? who died as a neonate after only 6 days?

  9. Thank-you for your lovely comments Lucy Westenra; this poem is F.I.C.T.I.O.N. And there was never any intent to draw conclusions; on persons living or dead in regards to this common name. Remember the photo is a prompt and it prompted me to write imaginative fiction. Since there is, in fact, a great lack of "concision" in my poem, as you so aptly noted, I profusely apologize. And if I have in any way offended any persons living or dead my apology is infinitely conveyed today. Never my intent! It was quite deplorable the condition of the tombstone, and I could barely read the name!Maybe if it was legible I could have written a piece with more "concision". That's what 100 plus years does for most things on this earth, unfortunately. For all those who'd like a non-fiction account and/or poem please feel free to visit Lucy Westenra's site! Peace - OUt!

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