Monday, October 4, 2010

~~~Magpie #34~~~The Hurricane Lamp~~~

The mighty north winds
swept undaunting
through the heart of the prairies
as the hurricane lamp flickered
with each gust
the only thing that
refused to give up

His swift return
He would return?
it was way past midnight
the killer storm
had culled it's catch
like a the claw on the backhoe
souls to take back
would have kept him out all the while
fighting to hold on
should have kept him here
I thought in hindsight now
but the wicked wind had kept
him away from me
as she whipped and licked
like a wanton woman
a greedy lover
this frigid north west wind!
keeping him prisoner
He's mine! I screamed
Only the Hurricane lamp
with my useless waste of breath

Kept vigil through the storm
as I was rooted to home
and our Hurricane Lamp
through those many years
the absolute joys,
the abject tears
this solid piece of solid state
on the mantel she sat
next to father time
through ages gritty worn
undue toil
recalled the warm soft hue
the romantic light
of goodtimes repast
The Hurricane Lamp stood alone
remained intact
Distinguished Utilitarian honour
How many lives saved?
have we counted?
must have been
By the score!

As the countless hours ticked
like a nasty mite continual
listenin our heart beat in our ears
louder than the wind that could hear
our cries but mocked us with eerie
slaughter, a laughter which
slaps while it laughs
in our worrisome faces
Only the eyes spark
in our eyes
would defeat
the unjust call of the wind
tell a different story
of Human Survival
Against all odds
we made it

this beacon of hope
this rescuer of souls
this little light of mine
This miracle of miracle workers

The Hurricane Lamp bestowed
upon our fetted brow
unwrinkled every frown
Where is Her Majesty now
now that time forgot
stored away like a castaway
with old cracked teapot in stow
and the tempest that lies within
Recalls the distance
and persistence of time
and the menacing memories
of that Murderous Storm
Years ago now
but never forgotten
etched in heritary dna
these accounts of old

Always the Hurricane Lamp
So Undauntingly
Stoic and Hardy
Hardly a scratch on the glass!
All these off the record accounts
eons of recorded history

a prize fighter to the end
This focused flame's
innermost strength
never to be severed
never to
the flame that lit the night
through the darkest moments
recounting the bitterness
survived to thrive again
our once embattled lives.



  1. wow. a stirring write...that beacon of hope that carries us through...i hope it never goes out...nice magpie!

  2. Love the beacon,the way it gives hope through the murderous storms of the sea...

    Good magpie.

  3. Loved this Magpie Tale. You brought that little Hurricane Lamp to life.

    Mine is up.


  4. A lovely view of the light that keeps us going - wonderful, wonderful!

  5. Wow - the images, the emotion! What a tale Jane.

  6. What a wonderful, wonderful paean to a humble hurricane lamp!

  7. Lovely ode to human survival, Chiccie.

  8. Powerful and strong- a simple beam of light.
    Great Magpie