Wednesday, October 13, 2010

~~~Magpie#35~~~Still Photography

Still Photography

Breezes caught in the stagnant air
silver nitrate imprinted thought
tracers light night paths
lacross players send hoops past the vitriolic sky
extinguished the universal expanse in one fell swoop
while whelps barked uncermoniously at the moon
distant echoes muffled cries choked by chichi
seduction whispered could not recall
lady in a green dress silken satin fall away
ran over by a bus
stood waiting
died waiting
passed away
no auditions, no callbacks today
not even one

As the Foregone conclusion
Requiem mass for the huddled masses
on the 33rd yard line
drunk on dreams they were too Far gone
into their grail cups they used to fry
quail eggs
meatless birds and empty promises begone!

Slammed the door on the way O-U-T!
THAT'S all you GOT?
shut IT out LOUD
bottom of the ninth
ully opened up
the tiny butterfly
squashed inbetween LAYERS
OF YESTERDAY'S NEWS doggone dog-earred pages
with no turnover the economy tanked
Doldrums flash frozen accounts
wall street held up by the clever
on account of the heavy water
like concrete for heavy leaded feet
more trick than treat

Unmoveable feast; moved by the beast of burden
that use to swing now swung idle
Eric Idle on drugs
curtain swags that once had swagger, once dapper
no drapes that drooped and dropped like flies
those crusty clowns; simpletons

as suddenly as
life turnaround
as suddenly
she so
she dropped dead
dead ringer

larger than life
this once moved now removed
no nerve so fated to unnervate
sinews disconnected from the skin
now unabated
now unabridged
now unabashedly bashful
shy guy out of control
stop disfiguring the misinformation
no stopping the stop sign
says "Arret already!"
high five
sigh is all lovers could ever do
besides a little adobe hacienda

bones too brittle to bite the dust
the sting of distant memory sand storms
on naked mucuous membranes sensitive
always too sensitive
to be any good
for unkempt keepers kept diaries in keeping rooms
peter's pickled too
the many sling and arrows
the flesh is ere to
dangling like Shakespeare participle
too many diseases that rack up a price
at the tollhouse cookie house
lined up like catecombe bones
lined up in a row
damn cappuchin monkeys!

the strings had begin to unravel
the telemerase shoelaces were trippy
acid burned the akaloid hallowed holes
from the film strip
helium took hydrogen
away into the troposphere
lazurian battle ensued
opposites once attracted
united deep space nothingness
gradiose holes
yin and yang collapsed
spun-out of control
all energy comprised in the middle
of nowhere
under the sheer weight of
she's come undone
the beginnings just begun
the end is never in sight

no subjects found to collect the goods
or reject the capstone
leaving lintels covered in blood
blood red finally got the earthen
energy burnished in my brain
no conjunction
no common meeting ground
continually leaning post teetering
the other ball dropped
fell on my foot
standing up against the wall
caught in the headlights
deer crossing X
waiting for the stun to stop
waiting for the sun to stop stinging
a hole in my already holey retinas
whole and part
living and partially living
how can that not be?
light burns in images leaves
edges all smudgy
we've still got the right
to party
on this last stop
milky way dangling armature
unusuable her suitor
we dont even know if our arm
in the galaxy is right or left
or has a name
the Universal Suitor
did suit her after all
ask for her hand and got known
as the guy around town
as squid shaped galaxy
how many arms is that?
well the big bang didnt care
that we'd be monsters
neither that nor be here nor there
spiritual beings lived lives of mass extinction
use to call us Beatitudes
Tonal quality excellent
Key of G with a slathering of grunts
from channellers intent on healing
instead of Blue Pleidians
Light BEings of Reknown
we're entralled with living
our temporaneous place
removed all files
from Sour faces
Our Source of renewable resources

Obviously it did not suit her!

As in the Beginning
The Alpha
Hooked up with
The Omega
Knowing each forces' struggle
the epic battle ensued
the life and death struggle
framed so beautifully
as once a relay race offset from the discouse
a lecture in posterior analytics
a residual effect of cause
always the protaganist
delayed overdevelopment thrust thus
into the limelight's eerie gauze
the fog caught thick pea soup
on a backwards cusp
moonlight's glowed on my satin sheets
now on flannel moon snuggled
full tilt version
not for the lilty ones
highty flighty
it would figure
talented trekkers
supplanted us
6 feet deep
the weak
the day
the sick
the week
the quick
the month
the dead
the year end
standing room only

empty womb spake mostly the unspoken words
in tongues fast-fried from heated skillets
sizzle and fizzle left-over puzzled looked
these words that sting and bind

vacant symbols the untrained brain long dead
broke ground reawakened
no longer merely a mortal the
abused master of ceremonies
unceremoniously dumped his grounds for
uncertain times
hoping to fertilize the field of dreams
hammer it home so often we said
we will survive
the homefires glow with marshmallows
not sure clouds are marshmallows
or cloud mushrooms

finding the flint in uncertain ceremony
striking the night's radiate air
scratching post
foundlings found once lost
lil kitty; hello Kitty!
returned to dust once sparks
temporarily out of order
the order of every day
close the door!

wasn't wally world
closed for the season
cut down in its prime
of things that were left
on the slide a downward ride
ever slide up?

devoured like prime beef
in a hall full of jocks
a ballroom dance for worshippers
not to hold sway
too close
better stay away
the Queen shouldn't please
dont get any closer and
sin comes from your gyrating hips
and wet lips
that only some could do that
the grind is too much like ground beef now!

dessicated chopped liver
exacted a pound of flesh
pound per pound of fresh fish
Sole on Ice
souls cry out
Remain in me
for the long lost meat
that hung like rancid butter
in the pantry a long time
now dreams ago
past expiration now rotten stinky
smelling like perspiration
all flesh corrupts
sometime got to know when
as too
all life collapse upon itself
a heap of putrifaction
no action then
except decomposition
once alive no just rotting away
again in Margaritavilla
why cant we just live and on
retire to our destiny
happy knowing how we hope
for the unseen there's faith
our convictions
convicted of what?
to love life?
to be happy
don't worry
it'll all come out in the warsh

removed from the banks
the sludge called
the anthema
this tome close
I am Mommy
yes, my tomb
this tome a closed casket
misquoted no more
placed in the grave
a graven image
beside myself my ego
formless now
as spirit long gone
fled the endless song
this banished banquet
from whom and to whence it came
banner unfurled thus
yet nearly a year banned as a best seller
paperback and
written on napkins
far out context
by its mere existence
a statue

as unfair policy holders
kept card dividers
keepers of circles
kept circling error
kept finding ways
to divide nothing from nothing
the dividend always adds up to two or
zero returns of the day

unfair trade policy makers
swaps spit with tree bark
oaks impart energies
old man can
grin and bear it
Grimm's Fairy Tales knew
the dim outlook
the grim reaper raked it in
should be smiling by now
that smile permanently afixed
wouldst it not be a permanent fixture?
a major production or a double feature?

Ay, these many strange stages of life
every actor plays his part to make
life stranger than fiction
contribution to the cause
did you cause this?

a commotion quelched
concurrent currency
money markets clash
put options
reflecting wall street
and the dead trees
left hanging
on the barren landscape
unfixable lousey dreams
will dram stoker
Vlad the impaler
pale ghost rider
and the dead dogs and ancient englishmen
with bad teeth
entrophy does not get a shiny award or trophy
a tisket a tasket once a life in a basket
now just rolled heads, a turkey roll of fools
kicked down endless halls
captured like imprinted coins
hammered inbetween
dare we break the die that made us die?
cast dispersions to the sky?
or do we then
do we just die
we wait
not panicky
not jump out of buildings
nor take the dramamine
we face our enemies
til we see the white of their eyes
we eat til we drop dead and o' gout
die then live another day?
and yet when and if we do die
and become this rare extinction
since all matter seems to never die
we do so thankful and all is so very thankful
that we thank the thanker as thank-you's grow
and I love you stays the same no matter how
often it is said it is always between too
where thank-you maybe only one sided
unless love is too and I was just enough
deluded into believeing that love was something
other than a figment of imagination
it was more real than anything here
that maybe more than the physical
although certainly felt in the natural
we feel love
we be love
we are love
and love is the only infinity
all esle is rotting in the aisles
so what then is for eating and what should it be
does it matter if I had that extra calorie
I'm just dying for that extra once of chutzpah?
and die we do
where's the gong to enter through?

so eat well, clean the plate for tomorrow we die?
what if it is the next day after tomorrow
will we still eat full well knowing our death is
2 days away? and the worms ache to send more food
"down here". Arent we already in a kind of hell?
With worms and all, isnt that funny!

now that we've saved from ever taint
make room for the grand finale
a crash course in clash of the cymbals
symbolizing (homonym lover)nothing
Isn't that fitting!
I think I'll order another fitting
and let out the top button of my pants
we're quite finished here
we're quite done like dinner
I'm stuffed already
like bird with gravy!

even then
the stop-frame gag up here
gap the gang way of wrong way
fell the trees and stop all this barking
about regulations when so irregular anyways
this utter chaos in disorder
everything upside down and sideways
not lining up with the Grand Alignment
offset by 2 degrees of separation
Hah, you thought seven
I'm closing the gap
if you will too?
make it better for the both of us
you over there
me right here

gapping gapping gaping
flippin' trippy!
the stop-gag order was a frame up
who framed the famous welsh rarebit?
What's up doc? don't you remember?
the particulate matter dissolved
into thin air
what's the matter? Nothing.
encompass with your compasses
the final pass of infinite space
where finite space meets Austin city limits
nothing really matters to me either
especially not PBS
go public or stay private
as nothing really should
interfer with your sense of statiated stayedness
remember not to fly too high when watching Ponderosa
flying circles over me
I see you too
dont do anything
I love you the way you are
dont go changin' to try to please me
you never did before
do this in memory of me
brought to you by Jesus Sandals tm
do as does
so like a doe he does do does well
and nothing for nothing is good for nothing often goes
for saying and nothing ever does nothing
to do nothing
peculiar in these parts per million
glitches of spent witches
should have kept her heart
dried up hygrageneas on the range rover
a dry gulch; a greedy gritch big gulp guzzler at the 711

the elemental and sentimental silenced my heart
decries in the vacuum long assumed innocent
Lincoln's log cabin in the woods
screaming his boyhood history
beyond the normal range of hearing
picked up by those who hear with spirit ears
deadbeat bears lifeless souls peace out
flower-dried RIP tears through the corazon
dead end timed out before the starting gate opened
an opening would have been nice
but it closed as quickly as it did
A Fair ride at the Fair?
I think not!
enter through the no door
at your own risk
jokers wild
life's cruel jest
so innane even for those days
who played every day in the park
running thoughts from others telepathy
caught thoughtless trains of thoughts
walked naked as a blue jay
even after the reunion
even-after eternal life crept up
and the emptiness envelopes you yet
unaddressed issues these I
return to sender
Elvis has left the building
so where did he go?
can he find my house on gps?

as spirit evaporated milk into ether
turned sour dough in San Francisco
called wormwood homeless
and it's Medusa face
a shameful existence
for a fallen star
decreed doom?

rotten decay of nonexistence!

a receptacle bins of holding in lieu the queue
the clue...
a quick pickup and deposit
so many years of yesterday's forgotten dinners
unable to recall the details of what was
and that old chestnut; immortality
the fatal glass of beer
the fatal blow
the fatal natale
stocked up on uncooperativeness
laid waste the trash

being love's surety and understudy
as not being too persistent
and not being too personal
stood me in good stead
a steady lover day after day
Dali's persistence of memory
hangs crooked yet straight upon the wall
encapsulates wisdoms
hypostulates theories
incorporates actions
dry as a bone wisdom
creaking old bones
thoughts can't tweak anymore
only memory bent light
prisms rainbow magic
reflected light show of shadows
black and white tv
nothing ok anything
coming from a zombie
black hole deeper purple
the spaced out nine

as memories linger and harken back
remember 911 a call to shore up
all the stores one had in store
means SQUAT
that we may have been once NO MORE
AND all that

I've seen the light it's black and blue
beaten up
but it was a blacklight shining the unseen world
dimly lit city lights; a Parisian backdrop
a polished diamond left bank sunset's purple haze
so blinded by night's poisonous ink all night
tattoo parlours
i just had to write about Love
often drawn as a clown
as to dwell in the mirky depths the most comfort
like bad medicine is a good poison to some

so bright the lights thisnights on broadway
as to extinguished any and all
as remote a glimmer
of thinly veiled hope
the kind of shadowy hope
that lingers like a cellar dweller
drinking fine spirits and hops
taking it down, deconstruct
as we all knew what we know now
in our heart of hearts
always the Queen
who's recent stay reminded me
the window is only slightly ajar today

a flame sqelched, sputtered and hissed
quenched by the "down there" watery grave
every hopeful promise dashed
every wishful thought denied
every dream vision a version of delusion
for naught sweet nitey nites good night
baby bye-bye sweet baby Innane, Insanity's Baby Sister
decadent lover prone to impromptu decay
as wormwood turns inside-out my once steely guts
return to the grave to barter there
there with the other ranks of Humanities outstanding
bright lights grow ever dimmer
restless yet this place
in the day of our disaster
to wit this place of suspended animation
waivering like a flag depossessed by the pole
flying away, furling out of control
the gain is waiting is in queue
waiting for the long awaited never ever after
waiting while you pass the hours praying to your Unknown
waiting while you pass the test
they said you'd never have to do
the same way you entered here X
you exited the X crossed the t's
said a silent slip of a prayer
said a lot of nothing
as this became you
if not nothing, something
you did become
became white becamel sauce
white and creamy, loving and giving
too kind to get in the game you wrote about
whatever else it is
mostly it is simple bs
why you laugh
out loud?

as quickly as this it had begun
the startup turned to finish line done
your last word please
dont sneeze hold on
just a moment please
a hush
a pip
a slap in the face
tell me
be silent clown
the funny game
the funny game is all over
is it?


Really creepy I know! On the creep-o-meter this was pretty creepy for me. More existential creepy, but nonetheless, creepy with a capital "C". Shadowy Creepy creepy when creeper vines harbour spiders kind of kreepy! A Creepy Keepy!

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