Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mag#l20 Green Man Fortified

image by Klaus Enrique Gerdes


Sooner or latter
you knew
it would come to this
eating so many fruits and veggies
you became what you ate

and now what you ate
is eating you
"Am I just a Green Man Fortified?"
"Am I just a Green Man Fruitified?"
"Am I just a Green Man Vegetable Stir Fry?"
The answer is "Yes and No".

Although you look like all of the above you are more than this...
You are more than your morning fruit smoothy or your
Raw Green are living vegetable matter finery
your eyes; black grapes
your nose; a pear or potato
your lips; two cherries
your chin: some sort of kumquat
the rest of you?
an assortment of a vegetarian smorgasbord
a fine tableau of the best provender's art
a gastronome's delight
a still life man-made alive
i wont soon forget
to eat my vegetables and fruit
down this Green Man fortified?
in a smoothy made mush

hmmm...where to begin?
blender on puree~
down the hatch
Green Man...
get into my belly~!!!

morale of the story;
~ don't forget to eat your fruit and veggies! 5-10 a day~!

Thanks Tess for this edible prompt...delicious~! Please go to this link for more fun and frivolity;


  1. Forget the blender, I'm reaching for my JUICER!

  2. A fabulous and fun reminder of taking our 5 + a day!

  3. this is a fun poem!

  4. Two of my favorite words here...kumquat and

  5. Two of my favorite words here...kumquat and