Thursday, June 21, 2012

Decorah Eagles; A Time-Consuming Interest of Mine


It has been so much of an amazing discovery seeing the various interactions of the Bald Eagles with their offspring, the three beautiful Eaglets.

To see their adults feeding fish to the eaglets is a joy to behold.

The eaglets who so lazily stretch out in their huge eagles nest to bed for the night.

The return of the adult eagles each evening.

Watching how the eldest eaglet watches like a mother hen over the other two eaglets when the parents are away, give one the sense of how many human-like qualities these beautiful birds display.

Seeing how adorable their antics, how loud they can get when they know their parents are approaching the nest, especially when feeding.

Knowing how eagles mate for life, and each act in tandem, both working together to protect their brood. How they teach the eaglets how to fly, by flapping their wings over the birds.

How the eaglets take weeks to learn how to fly, beginning by jumping up and down flapping their wings, then taking off to the branches to catch the breeze in their developing wings.

So incredibly amazing~!!!

If you have wondered why I am not around as much, you know now~!!! (That and FaceBook addiction). Soon I will say goodbye to my eagle family as when they leave the fledglings leave the nest, that is it, they do not return.  This will be a sad and happy day for me~~

They are indeed very regal birds, and very addictive to watch. No wonder the eagle is the America's National bird.

I do not think that the turkey vultures on the next view will be as majestic to watch, but I will watch them as well.

Thank-you Ustream TV for this amazing live view of the Decorah Eagles webcam


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