Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mag#119 Dreamy Sleep Town

The spirited silence
takes us away
makes us weary
yawn bleary teary eyed
another round the corners
sandman has come
as all day
light unrelenting
Broadway Boogie Woogie
memories of the fine layer cake
soon fade to black

exiled; foiled again
no holds
or lay aways
laying awake?
hang onto
this day spent
the creeping teetering sway
the earth creaks like floorboards
of lengthening daylight shadows
streets submerged into inky depths

stay awake!
eyes already
turned round in their socket placement
staring into the dullness
the crickets play with the back of the head
peering into long-gone forgotten dreams
who's to mind the store?
and then when dreams do come
and hidden worlds emerge
curtain's up?

as tears roll like rain
dribble and drain down these pipes
and over exposed manhole covers
we know
everything flows
everything spirals down
everything is fine
we know
this last call
to a deeper sleep
heavy lidded
bedroom eyes
takes half-time show
life's half-empty

the light that lulls
dead weight to feathery bliss
once self a heavy ballast
anchored body to light body
retreat to sleep and dreams

this last call
to recall
"to bed sleep heads"
what happens
when unconsciousness
takes over?
the last vestiges
the lost vestibules
the endless echoes
of the forgotten hallways?

twilight time returns
reruns of our sleepy dreamy town
buildings begin to blur fade to black
flags flap one last time
salute the evening
so slowly
a light breeze so soft to touch
cools the skin
a subtle scent of old books and musk
to feel the last light of dusk
to leave us the stars


Thank-you Tess Kincaid of The Mag for this most intriguing and beguiling Edward Hopper painting prompt. For further reading and writing please head here;


  1. Immensely satisfying ~ 'Broadway Boogie Woogie
    memories of the fine layer cake soon fade to black' ... a great line among so many!

  2. @Helen and @JJRodz...thank-you..I will be commenting on your oeuvres soon...I forgot to add the scent of American cigarettes...because they so smell like cigars and my Grandpa use to smoke White Owl cigars he'd get on his forays to the US from Chatham, Ontario

  3. Leonardo checking in: When I want large, fancy font on a post I create it first in Microsoft Word, then cut and paste it into my blog. Try it ..........

  4. Hey! Hey! Jane - this is beautifully crafted and that last verse in particular leaves fond images with me. I enjoyed it immensely!

  5. Hey J this is really beautiful, thanks Kuta

  6. You know I like that scent of old the nostalgic feel here...