Monday, May 7, 2012

Mag #116 "A River Runs Through Our Watery Love"

image: River Irwell by R.A.D.
A THOUGHT FOR TODAY:Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there
some day. -A. A. Milne author (1882-1956)
blue streams that shoot the Supermoon
Luna unaware her image was looming
pulling us closer to her
tributaires everywhere
she think she's grown green tree roots
an elemental catalyst to change
yet even through her passion and despite it
her throbbing red veins
flow and follow
an endless pattern
leave us wreckless
this wake tonight
down the lazy river
for old times' sake
As we near the river's grand bend
the embankments render us bliss
endear us to our semi-solid erosion
soul soil
to embark only to depart ways
water in our gondolas
oars dip gently into the virgin lady
quickly, greets the guests
too soon to leave the party
meet some and jettison others
these banks where the Beltane fires
burned all night
at dusk we could not find the shore at all
it would be found
in drunken revelry
for the nightlife is irreverent energy
and mostly, irrelevant and latent
even though there's a stillness here
in the silent brackish ocean meets fresh
water swirls our spiral galaxy
round the bend in the river
there is a meandering mad dog
who named the river
"runs through all our lives"
as we have recently found
the place to find peace
by the river's erosion
as we have recently known
the path of least resistance
no sentiment to affix or attach
never too old, we're told
we're never too cold when we detach
whether youthful, mature or old
our lives afixed to this river Flux
patterned after
A River Runs Through It
Runs Through
our ancient stores of selves
to the far shore all light aligns
our journey
with the dusky sun
simmering shimmering shivering
where we've always been
known our truth by way of
our watery love
Thank-you Tess Kincaid for this superlative photo of Sir Ronaldo's. Please feel free as a river to meander over here and sit and write a spell;


  1. the river does "endear us to our semi-solid version of ourselves"

  2. the cascade of your words is like a river itself...and just when i thought it might go one way it went another...a bit of an adventure...some nice alit as well blended in...i like...smiles.

  3. Beautiful words, Lovegood, i find this river very moon like.

  4. I like the way you tied the supermoon in...

  5. a lot of great lines here.. awesome!


  6. Ah, don't we love the supermoon and the water flow - beautifully crafted poem.