Friday, November 26, 2010

Magpie#42 ~~~~~~The Case of The Trophy~~~~~

Keeper's Cup Number Five

buried deep
in backroom
Cerebellum's Corpus Collosum
Column'd Stood Upright
For Old Time's Sake
Those Mighty Left
like Parisian Toiletries
so easily flushed by present
pavers to make room allowances
for returned renewals
leftover makeovers
residual renumeration
somethings borrowed
somethings never new
somethings always blue
who knew?

Footlockers on the Precipice
Winged Nike's Bestowed Gift
Singed Mercury's ankle feathers
Cloaked by Blue Star Dust
Magic Memories
and Faded Washed-up Dreams

A Quick Take
The Cup
Antiques Dealers
Call Out
Hold up the Card
the numbers connected
Soon the once unowned
Won again by me
The Cup
Auctioned Off
to me

These Quaint
and Patina'd
Touched Once
For Prosperity's Sake
This Silvered Orb
All These Thoughts Brought
Bounty to Mount
On Eagle's Wings
The Bounty Bought
Flying on
long wrought
others sought
mine own lessons taught
I've Won Again
This Artifact
A fact
I'm alive again
Eternal Forces
hold onto the prize
once more

As Synapses Gapless
Fired Etchings
in the Fiery Furnace
on the distant star
Ancestral DNA mitochondria
Caved in boxed in Walls
basic chemistry
the iron works
The Cup
as combined energies
dance away the night
moon and sun
return to the very spot
imprint on the acid-free paper
with lightening speed

Pivotal Moments
Mnemonics Muses Recall
Trumpets Blast Triumphant
Bring Forth Cornucopia
those whose once lived lives
The Eternal Internalized

Up Front and Centre
Intensity Imprinted on the Mundane
Left a Mark on The Back Wall
Heroic Efforts to Recall
Yesterdays Yearnings
Afterthoughts Murmurings
Mirror;d Images
on the Spiral Staircase
Cambridge or Oxford
Harvard or Yale
The Man Made The Grade

Earning Alumunus Cup
Forefathers Stood
Toe to Toe
Like Dominoes
Lined Up
Against The Many
Within The Few
The Trophy Case
is Now within
all of US