Monday, November 15, 2010

~~~Magpie 40~~~Modern Day Alchemy

Modern Day Alchemy

Changing Monkeys into Men
and Men into Monkeys
Would you know the differences?
As all these Differences and preferences soon blur
into indifference and nonpreferential treatment
Orange Dream Sicle
long lost years past tomorrow
in the funny handle bars of my old bike
the rear view being you
the only view from here
on the passenger side
you keep quipping deep quotes
from deep throat
throttle up!
displayed on the banana seat
baseball cards make me sound
like I'm travelling much faster
through hyperventilated holes
corrugated space collapsing
like a house of cards
with friction the alchemic action
like pistons that pop
and a form of fiction the poison
the old monkey paw
what causes this interplay?
lets let fantasy always get in the way?
we don our monkey suits everyday
who's to say who's the monkey
who's the man?
to all those waiting patiently for a ride
patently awaiting the ladies in patent leather
the throne of all temporal power
now splayed like a dissected specimen
is "Open"
latent or not
all ripped up
you had a ride
didn't you?
"Be a good little monkey!"
Chimes the organ grinder



  1. Your Magpie is such an incredible collection of memories, emotions, wisdom, insight ... packaged in one great piece!!! Thoroughly enjoyed by this reader.

  2. Wow this is like an amusement park ride... up, down then back up again! Love the fantasy quality to it!

  3. This is quite the amazing journey you take us on. I love your take on the prompt.

  4. I haven't had an orange dreamsicle in forever! Your deep throat throttle was up on this piece! well done