Sunday, November 7, 2010

Magpie #39 ~~Cockle-Doodle Don't!~~

today the day we bid goodbye
old rooster would certainly die
fate sealed signed and delivered
mad cook round' the corner with axe
shining drool on corner of mouth
wild with lustful desire uncouth
one fell swoop the act went south
flew far back to the chopping racks

quick like a shot the lucky bird flew
looking back in anger not bird stew
out the door Rooster never look back!
soon he found a new place to dwell
in a tree of a neighbour's place
Rooster had been treated most hard
age made old birdy boy mostly lard
hope plus hope to find a new yard
no one noted his sad, lonely face

All would be great save for rooster
he missed his wife and old sooster
he did think things could get better
keep friends and family to boot
waiting on him hand and foot
never having to breath chimney soot
rather on golden eggs he stood
Retirement to a "T" letter

As the days quickened and died like curd
roosters woeful and distant song heard
faded, worn cockledoo ditty
not worth the bother thought the cook
if all else fails he'd choke n' shook
then shakenbake all would have took
nobody's gonna make me a rook
for rooster's "doo" more's the pity


for more Rooster Tales please go here; if you dare; better this than ending up in the stewpot!


  1. smiles. nice magpie...shakenbake...ha!

  2. Love the flow and rhyme in this one....great for the prompt! :-)

  3. Retirement -- not all it's cracked up to be? Nicely written!

  4. wow, he missed his wife and sooster...

    you are super creative.
    love the magpie.
    extraordinary job.