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Curiosity about Chakras...The Evolution of Energy in the Physical and NonPhysical Cosmic Bodies

Curiosity about Chakras...The Evolution of Energy in the Physical and NonPhysical Cosmic Bodies

Today, after studying my latest exercise by Ezequiel Rodrigues Saldivar in the Imagin-Action program, led to further examination of the idea of specific chakra energies in the physical body and the etheric bodies.

The energies may have been formed in our chakras at the time of energy conception, primordially speaking.

During the Big Bang, the Unified Energy (Omh) or 158 mghz energy was changed. It was either lengthened or shortened.
These various energies in our bodies, may be collecting units (for want of a better word) for various types of energy needed by our bodies, but more importantly, trigger our bodies into various spiritual actions, via esoteric energy-communication.

Let's use or imagination to think about energy, in particular atomic energy.

We do not necessarily have to been keen astro-physicts to understand the basic nature of atoms.

Let's take this a step further; what happened when the Big Bang happened? Atomic particles spread outward from the source of the "Big Bang".

If our chakras are energic systems, do they act similar to the nature of the universe, or cosmos? Are they acting on behalf of some stored latent energy system, turning on when this energy system says "on".

For example, let's say that the Universe has collapsed numerous times before, that the "Big Bang" has been one of many Big Bangs throughout time.

What if those many Big Bangs were leftover in our chakras, and each chakra development shows in energic form the evolution not only of the cosmos' many collapses and rebirths but the stored chakra energy from the previous Big Bangs?

Let's take this a step further; what if the chakra energy "takes care" of it's own particular chakra dominion. Because each chakra represents not only a place on the body, but that particular place on the body's energic system, may it be too outlandish to suggest that the energy chakra system and locale could be directly porportional to the energy collapse/rebirth.

This may seem a bit of a stretch to think that each body part (or chakra) may represent a combination of stars from that last collapse. In other words, our bodies represent an outgrowth of the cosmos, in particular, each energic system within our bodies represents a previous star, galaxy, and universe collapse. This maybe hard to understand, but is it really?

Our bodies are basically recording devices, our dna acts as a multi-layered tracking system of cosmos. It is the chakras which remember and keep active this particular "brand" of energy. Each chakra represents a esoteric brand of energy. Our chakras may be layered in such a way, like the newly discovered string theory, and we, as a body have been active for that many rebirths.

To understand that to go from one chakra level to another, we need to "ascend" to the next chakra level, the highest being our crown chakra (in the physical body per se). Therefore, we must activate these chakras via various chants, sounds, etc. These sounds correspond to the prior universe's sound. We are carrying in our bodies a legacy of cosmic sounds, and we continue to do this, until we become unified once again with the crown chakra.

Since the crown chakra is the physical body's best chakra to be, to be spiritual enlghtened we "climb up the chakra stairs". We meditate, chant, etc to exist at that place where we are existing.

Since not all of us are born as "Enlightened Gurus" we must climb those chakra stairs, one step at a time. Firstly, understanding the mechanism to enlghtenment. We have been there before, but it is difficult to maintain the crown chakra's steady form of awakened enlightenment of awareness when in the physical. Why? It is due to the fact that the physical manifest is part of the nature of the universe; it is heavy just like the body can be when living life at the lower chakra levels.

The lower chakras, must, therefore, balance the higher chakras, especially the crown chakra, but how?

Since living in the physical duality, I am of the contention that the higher, better chakra place to exist is the crown chakra because it is how we are suppose to live when we are harmonized and balanced. Yet the physcial nature of our atoms does not allow for this..but SURPRISE~! IT DOES allow for this amazing transformation all the time. We just need to know how to access this, and there are many techniques and methods of how to do this in yoga practices.

The duality has created a heaviness, and you can tell by looking at the structure of the body. The energies between the lower sacral chakra (the lower spine) and the higher crown energy fuel one another in the duality. If there is a unity, it is beyond the physical, and not descended to us to transform us into "light beings" as yet.

If you look at the way the body is in segments, and needs to reboot this energy every once in a while you can tell that the physical world appears to be going through atrophy. Even our chakras feel uninspired some days and need a meditative or chanting boost. Why would we need to do this if we are already ascended in the unity? It is due to the fact that we are in the process of ascending, at certain times the "ascending" mechanism "turns on" and we find we are lighter, more spriitual that day, and the next day, in fades away again.

Think of this; our brains and our reproductive parts. Have you ever wondered what was the purpose of the "feel-good" release of serotonin, the natural opiates found in the brain after orgasm? This whole effect seems to work much like a electronic charge, our bodies are fueling our transmission into the ascension or big bang collapse to rebirth. Each time we are having an orgasm we are having a mini Big Bang. Our bodies remember this energy and this energy is reproductive; in other words, this energy makes not only more energy, but specialized energy, maybe even specialized atomic energy. Wierd or What as William Shatner would say. Yes, I concur~!

Our bodies are designed to be cosmic, and contain the cosmic seed for the survival of our cosmic seeds. All these energy seeds (chakras) may be developing us into some new form in the next rebirth, and it maybe unnecessary for physical bodies the next rebirth, as the energy is combining and expanding as well, depending on the seeds we have stored atomically within us to create this next outgrowth of the cosmos, ever further expanding in ways of light, yet so unknown.

Isn't it a touch of Curiosity which made you read this? (see addendum)

After capitulating on the sacral and sacred effluence of gray matter repository and its hereditary influenc, I have come to the conclusion that I totally forgot to mention ANYTHING about the most important SACRED CHAKRA..and it is the THIRD EYE (via the pineal gland).

Why did I forget the most important "All seeing", "omniscent" "I AM"tm?

I don't know but as I was mulling over the other sacral I all of a sudden said "shit, what about the Third Eye"?

I immediately thought I was going to get expelled from class, when...saved by the bell~!!!

I remembered~!!!

The Third Eye is the Unknown Entity as known as God or the God particle is housed here, within the holy chambers of the pineal gland of the third eye.

There is no planet that represents the Third Eye, or galaxy or Universe. The third eye entity is the Unity. Thank-you very much for letting me complete this important discussion~

As far as why I believe the various planets, etc are part of our chakra system. Let's examine my reasons;

The Earth Chakra is our base chakra...it is our "grounding" to the earth. I think we all remember Jimi Hendrix song that state "let me move your earth" or something to that effect. The earth is the energy of our primal needs and is directly connected to the limbic system of our brain, as we are slowly evolving from our earth energies to our cosmic unified energy.

All these energies, of the body chakras correspond to the immediate spheres of influence, that being the sun and moon.

The sun and moon have always played this role in ancient history, the moon represent romantic love, for example, so it is fitting that the moon is the chakra energy of our Heart Chakra..the most important chakra.

Why is the Moon Heart Chakra the most important chakra? It is due to the fact that the moon is not just a "satellite" of earth, but it is also the earth's negative twin. While the moon is void of life, the earth is affluent with life. While the moon is cold, the earth is hot, etc, etc. You can see that the many contrasts, the yinyang of the earth moon is quite illustrative of this nemesis-like effect. We, the earth, needs the moon as it is part of primordial self. Why? It is my contention that the moon split from the earth's core a long time ago in earth's ancient history. The moon still holds sway for us, it contains the negative antimatter "atom" in its core. The moon represent eternity; the earth life and death. The sun is eternal, yet it also, one day will not be eternal, as the moon will always remain eternal in our hearts. You really have to understand this, in a heart-felt way. I believe the Mayans understood this power-sway of the moon within us. The moon is a very powerful "near-object".

As far as the sun is concerned, when dealing with the solar plexus chakra; it is one word "powerful". The sun had been worshipped for eons by man as they thought the sun was a god or god. This ancient history does play into today's aspect of how the sun is an active participant in our lives. The sun is our life. Without the sun we do not exist. It is clearly felt our need to communicate this with the sun. We receive positive energies from the sun to energize our bodies, minds and spirit. The sun really is an energy that is spiritual. After taking pictures of the sun and publishing them on FB I am aware of the partiicular quality of the sun. It is a majestic personality and adores attention from our heart chakra, and does allow us to interact with it. The sun is highly emotional, being a fire element, but at it's core is the unity, the unity chakra of the crown. Lately I have witnessed the sun wearing a "crown chakra" hat, or "shaman's hat" with all the colours of the rainbow. (see the picture below). The sun is our intent's energy. We can actively speak in this solarplexus way, and create the earth, solar system, universe, etc. to be in harmony. Likewise, ancient mystics knew about the power of the sun-chakra as a way of creating unearthly magic, via the illusion of the mirror gateway portal. This is a complex feat which I will discuss in detail at a later date.

The throat chakra, for example is represented by me as the energy of our Milky Way Galaxy. One of many spiralling galaxies in our unknown universe, we do not understand if we all spin one way or the other, or are going to or away from the center of the universe. We do not understand the many celestial objects energic system upon us in entireity, but we do understand there is an effect, as Astrologers have tried, some successfully to understand the nature of these spheres on our particular atomic structure (time and space) at the time/space of our birth. It is a phenomenal study and one in which I am learning, albeit slowly as it is complete to understand ascending descending, void of course, houses, etc. However, I believe I will further discover our bodies' connectedness to our course, or mission in life.

The crown chakra is in my opinion the pinnacle chakra, the center where you truly want to be, and exist forever in this unity. It is the Unity Chakra, and we ascend, via how we "turn on" each chakra until that time when it happens automatically for all. Yes there are some abberant "cases" of those who are cosmically awakened to this enlightenment's awareness, however these very fortunate few are few and far between.

Another thought came to me on my walk with Zoey. I thought about how the energies combine and exchange to create a further awaken awareness in the individual who is, in fact a unity already, just the "parts" don't understand this completely, as there are many levels, layers, mirrors, etc to ascend, to understand the "ego-lessness" of it all, and stay in that place of the here and now. Get rid of all illusions, it can be done~!

As far as my thought today, it was about the brain-body barrier found in the orgasm effect. The orgasm is an electrical exchange of one energy for another. It is as if our bodies are trying to ascend, to push quickly into ascension, to be "cosmic", and we all know that orgasms do have this effect; they make us cosmic.

To push this thought even further, consider this; our bodies need for sex (and thereby orgasm) is the need for us to ascend, but there just isnt enough energy in our bodies to make it complete, that is why we keep going back for more and more. Something to think about for the Kundalini specialists reading this today~!:)

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