Monday, March 5, 2012

The Mag #107 First Attempt to Spoon the Moon (with much credo to Tess Kincaid)

The Mag #107

First Attempt to Spoon the Moon

Over the Moonerisms
Love O' Spoonerisms

I fancy that
Eye Nancy they

Trials and Tribulations
Troubles with Treble nay, shuns

Dishearten pleas
Discord en, please

Tangled up in Blue
Wrangled up n' Booze

Here's Looking at You Kid
Where's Nookie fg Ukulele?

I got my eye on you
Egad me honey

ay Louvre vu
i open ewe
new open view

Very close and almost if almost were a part of the brain that wants to hear something other than that which forms the lexicon of words. As we hear the sound, the sound forms comprehensive meaning only after we pull together all the loose sounds as meaningful threads which makes parts of words, words, then parts of speech, then constructs of sentences, paragraphs, essays, novels, tortes of all kinds (tarts of mocha). As such is the nature of speech and all that is in it does make this shock of the new (Shaka khan) and as all these new word form from the sounds of the VOWELS..and we put together so many cliche words to make a whole new Ball of whack, or bally wick (also known as a ball of wax). And I may I be so bold as to suggest our brains have fun tweaking these originating sounds to create new meaning? As creative as it gets on the down low or DE louvre and all the while (elderberry)will be doing just this all wrong (awry). So how now brown cow (Elbrus or leads us on a wonderful trip down memory lane (mom relay) this is how these new words are formed~ Ha Ha (hey hey~)
do listen to "Tangled Up In Blue" with Bob Dylan (Wrangled up n Booze with Borderland)
(and thanks to the use of spellcheck for a new slant on spoonerisms plus I found a new mountain pic to put on my timeline which is getting less time and more line)



    Try a Spoon on today~!

    Thank-you Tess for the inspiration to do just that (do justice). :)

  2. Thank you for this, whistfull


  3. Uber-creative, reads like a tickle.

  4. very fun and clever! Thanks for the smiles!