Friday, March 23, 2012

~ I'M A LUCKY DUCKY~I'm gonna tag yah!!!(Ty~Kathe W)

Tag.... I'm a Lucky Duck !
I am a lucky duck, I was tagged, along with ten
other victims(er, I mean lucky ducks), by Eric Alder(
Here are MY eleven questions to ask my TAGGEE'S
l. What kind of film (modern or historic) would best describe your life?
Jane Jones: The Sound of Music with a side of Crash
2. What was your favourite toy from childhood and why? What did it do for you? (never mind that last question)
Superball. And no, it never did come back.
3. If you could go back into the past (perhaps a time portal or stargate) what would you do in the present to effect positive change in the future?
Stop all dictators.
4. What is your favourite meal, and why?
Mandarine salad the way Donnie makes. (Donnie Pizza is called Mountain Shores Pizza Collingwood) Nice plug, eh Donnie?)
5. Favourite place or future destination?
To visit sacred sites and stay there indefinitely.
6. Favourite drink?
Yogurt-Soya-fruit-of-the-day Shake with my Bullet.
7. Who's your hero/heroine and why?
Anne of Green Gables because she is Canadian and I try to promote Canadiana.
8. ANY Guilty pleasureS?
Hell, yeah!
9. You won the what do you do?
Take off, my sacred places and do sacred things (like not mentioned in #8)
10. What gadget can you not live without? (well at least have some difficulty adjusting without)
Internet, oh course, and "duh"~!
11. Could you give up your main mode of transportation for a day?
Maybe for a year and counting~!
Since I haven't been tagged in quite awhile,I thought what the heck-I’d
play along…The rules of this tagging are:1.You must post these
rules2.Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post3.Create
eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged4.Tag eleven people with
a link to your post. (The hardest part, in my case)5.Let them know you
tagged themThe eleven questions I must answer are:1.What do you
really like that nobody else seems to enjoy at all?This is a hard
question- maybe Foreign films that are sub-titled?2.What thing from
childhood (besides youth) do you wish you still had?My old ice
skates-wouldn't fit in them but just as a momento.3.If you could
change just one event in history – what, how and why?I wish we had
never ever gone into Iraq.4.Favorite pizza
toppings?Fresh tomato, basil,pepperincinis and fresh garlis
...lots!5.Favorite alcoholic beverage? (Or
non-alcoholic)Cold IPA ale on a hot summer day after
gardening6.Place you’ve never visited but would love
to?Cinque Terre in Italy7.Favorite old
movie?Auntie Mame8.Guilty musical
pleasure?Rockabilly9.You’ve won a huge lottery! Now
what?Don't do anything different for a year.
Ponder.10.Modern convenience you just can’t live
without?Hot water in a bathtub11.Do you really like
question lists like these?Well now- it's ok-BUT I wouldn't want to
do this all the time.My eleven new questions
are:1. What is your very first memory?2. If you had a camera as
a child, what was your favorite photo?3. What is your favorite meal?4.
What super power would you like to have?5. What is your favorite junk
food?6. What book are you reading right now?7. Who is your personal
hero/heroine?8. Favorite city and why?9. Your favorite all time
movie?10. Do or don't you like to camp and why?11. Could you give up
your car?Here are the lucky ducks that I'm
tagging:1. Rinkly Rimes:
T's Subplot:

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  1. I had fun with this last week on Living Boldly ...