Saturday, December 3, 2011

Crystal Bowl Therapy: Tuning Into the Universe

As far as the sun and the planets and their unique sounds. All harmonius unless not, and in that case, it takes a re-polarizing pass of the sun to the sunset ultraviolet to change the polarity of the said event, whichever that may be.

So please let me know where I may purchase a bowl of this sound nature or does the bowl purchase me?

Maybe at my local health food store!

I so want to interact with this bowl! And how crystaline are they when they are opaque? I would have to wet my finger on the rim of the crystal clear bowl if I could find one that is HOLY ENOUGH!

and probably the coolest thing to do at the pyramid sites would be to make a circle of sound around the pyramid all toned up (dr music you do this) and to make the one person with the one big bowl (to spec) inside the pyramid. Then the inner outer worlds will join back as they were suppose to do LONG LONG LONG ago...

make mine ultraviolet beauitful! oh yes...thank-you LOVE


there is something else i noted...there is a certain (at times) sound like i remember the air-raid siren sounding like as if our consciousness opens up, pays attention to this sound that is missing in this frequency! I find this amazing..and think we could get that vibration to be conducted on the skin on a continual suit that does the same as the bowl to get into the sound more on the outside and inside and take a pill with this radio frequency as well to vibrate as internally too. Making a constant sound harmony for constant harmony which is our birthright, or prebirthright and then we split the infinity to this so called "duality" which is really "multidimensionality". cant add photos for some reason today...sorry.:)

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  1. thanks for sharing these JJ. gone now to check the links... hope ur having a good start of the weekend...