Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cosmic Consciousness: What is IT exactly?

How CosmiC Consciousness Is kept at a CONSTANT unified circle of awareness; as life is a reflection of yinyang energies, Cosmic Consciousness is also a perfected place where these material energies collect. Here in the centremost place of being is the constant, claimed as our Cosmic Consciousness, or state of being. This special divine energy is perfect, as is the Circle represents no beginning or end. As all material is energized by the constant yet variable interaction between static/atrophy energies and the chaotic energies balance out this sometimes variable energy exchange via polarized exchange; positive to negative and negative to positive, as this is the way the universe continues to survive in a continuity~~A perfect circle, an 'O' FIELD circle of perfect sound, maybe 528 mz found in the Universe OF CO-Creative LOVE. As life IN THE dualistic cycle of continuity stays stagnant in the material state of illusion. As these energies collect to a critical mass and Cosmic Consciousness feeds off this exchange to keep the constant level of energies present. In the vacuum, empty space is another energy, perhaps it is an atrophy energy whose cycle is needed to recharge the negative or positive energies to keep the constant balance required by the constant sustained energies. As all collects to a critical mass and then an exchange of these polar opposites. Thus the constant fueling of the material world to create the Constant state of Cosmic Consciousness or Divine Consciousness.


  1. this is a good post... thanks for sharing... JC is the one who is making me happy these days. just lucky that I have found him...

    have a wonderful and prosperous new year JJ!


  2. Thank-you JJ! I am very happy for you and JC! Have a wonderful New Year 2012!!! What are you planning to do?

  3. a state where all things come together in all that is forever harmony from here to space beyond...why does man resist in the first place is beyond that beyond...

  4. Thankyou Dom ~~love joy bliss always~~Happy 2012 Blessings Everyone!!!