Wednesday, September 14, 2011

To venerate the simple days by Emily Dickinson

To venerate the simple days
Which lead the seasons by,
Needs but to remember
That from you or I,
They may take the trifle
Termed mortality!

by Emily Dickinson

A short sweet quick dessert of a poem Miss Emily! I think this is making me very hungry for a trifle!

As I did download various pictures of trifles for the four season (too bad there are not more seasons!) and it was very difficult to pick just one.

The one with drambuie is probably the one I will make as I have exquisite taste and the recipe comes from England, the land who proported to have made the original trifle.

However, since I cannot download any "free" Google Images at this time, I will leave you with the url and you can let your tastebuds do the walking!

Paula Dern also had a lovely trifle made of Pumpkin and gingerbread! So delicious! Especially for the fall.

Personally, I love the checkerboad trifle; so visual appealing and stimulating!

Enjoy; you so deserve this treat!
...Trifles seem silly... now endures forever...

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  1. for the drambuie recipe and raspberry recipe!jj