Thursday, September 8, 2011

Emily Dickinson " By Chivalries as tiny" Feeding From Emily's Energy

By Chivalries as tiny by Emily Dickinson

By Chivalries as tiny,
A Blossom, or a Book,
The seeds of smiles are planted —
Which blossom in the dark.

These tender mercies, or "tiny Chilvaries" shine through the darkest night of our soul being lost to the vacuum of space.

Something as simple as "A Blossom" or "A Book" can bring about such, as "The seeds of smiles" once "planted" - which "blossom" in the dark.

Yes even dark nights of the soul (better yet dark knights of the soul) are there to quench the thirst of aloneness and doubt; or feeling "tiny".

Such is the stuff of Emily's dreams and poems!

Chiccoreal's Take on "By Chilvaries as tiny"

By Mercy as tiny by Chiccoreal (Feeding On Emily's Energy)

By each Mercy as tiny
to be seeded such a small thing
In a big way creates the whole Soul

Blossom O' Rose
Blossom O' Thought

A Penny for your naked
blue jay Thoughts

A Pretty copper penny
for the Book you brought

May I reread the words
shining bright as true as your heart?
All I need is a kernel of an idea
the afterthought
As we exchange and interchange
this fine book for a rose
A Love for A Life

May I reread your words again?
after having been seeded and somewhat
there where sappy sentiment
and vulnerability
are slain like the the fiery dragon
who leaves the bittersweet pearl of wisdom
which may grow too close to you?

Mary, Mary
How does your garden grown
How this garden does grows
William, William
with the promise of a new day's intent

Who loves this life
looses it
Who lives this love
gains it
this life from me is for you
(hand him the rose now)

I, too, need what you have brought
to the round table
that is all I have ever sought
The Rose and
The Book
This Book is for you
(hand her the book now)

A Never-ending story of Love
In an Ever-increasing growing-the-most
and is still unfolding
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  1. this is lovely thanks for sharing emily...a neverending love story...smiles. that heart island pic is so cool too...seen it a few times recently...

  2. A very nice homage to Emily D. And speaking of Emily -- your beautiful header -- are those pics by Emily Carr?

  3. @Brian Miller; Yes it is in Crotia; cool, huh? It is a honeymoon destination apparently; I wonder why?

    @Vicki Lane: Yes, most definitely Emily Carr. Seems I have a thing for the name Emily and their prospective art! Must come from Auntie "Em" from the Wizard of Oz! :)( i will tag them properly but cannot find out where in the design of things! back to the drawing board which is a good thing!)jj

  4. i love this line:

    Who loves this life
    looses it
    Who lives this love
    gains it
    this life from me is for you


    btw, i'm suppose to tell you we both have JJ as nickname... love it...

  5. @JJ yes, indeed we both share the same initial JJ!We're twins! So you are JJ #1 and I'm JJ #2 And we know that is good for the soul!jane jones Chiccoreal