Monday, May 16, 2011

Magpie #66 Please Eat My Edible Words

Please Eat My Edible Words

Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom
sitting side-by-side
soon earth unbound

twirling hoop skirts
swirling Deva dervishes
whirling whirly birds

yellowed binder-twined meaty pages
mind-screen rotating doors creak and turn
shelves five feet high crash down upon
my fluffy stuffy head

free libraries!
free books!
free floating energy!

Collecting dust
The Brain


Ancestral Ancients
pages warlock dance
watermarked by Matrix
for some future time and place
Ink blot dots pattern themselves
A paradigm moment
"Books Become Us"

Word images add-ons
the onus
the opus
the opine
on and on as fevered pitch
left us bleary-eyed and parchment
thirsting for knowledge
as this pica
this unnatural appetite
this taste of fermented thought
made our traditional conditional
on how we made old things new again

brain salad surgeons
and all those
Truth Seekers Menu
found solice in books
as Sol found Solstice in us
a reflection a genuflection
turn after turn
like notion and motion begins once the page turns
like an original camera I AM A CAMERA I flipped
as I was saw Mickey Mouse Steamboat Charlie
move and dance from the page of static display
find his way from page to moving picture
leap from stagnation to immortalization

to Find Fortune and Fame
in the printed word:
As Enlightenment fire starts
a lightening-bolt chain of event

Raise High the Light Beam
in carpenter pants the hammer
comes down
"Get to bed"
Flashlights soon undercover
Spies and
Denizen of Mad Men
Scrambling to be the First
to read the new Nancy Drew
to Flirt with Disaster
The Young Indiana Jones
and Misadventure to find self
The Last of the Mohican's
can die a thousand deaths
A Thousand Clowns
and still be alive
for six o'clock supper news

Come Fly With Me
into a Parallel Universe of Re: Construct
those that once knew how to fly; flew
no longer soon stood still
as now desperately awaited a flash
from beyond

all lingered by the rows and stacks
hung onto every word
Jelly Belly
Who did "Bit with a big fat bite"
"I will love love you forever my Mama you'll be"
as each book in rapid succession
became greater than the last
even in Grand Rapids!

Electricity released a bright, flashy show
A Neural-Eclectic-Synaptic light display
Heaven found! here! formulating ideas
Great Alexandria!
as the Papyrus Scrolled Honour Roll
fell swiftly to the floor

as thoughts become objects of desire
never objectionable unless
the ABC's primary directive "To Learn"
to find a collective sense of cohesiveness
in all things idea-s and idea-l

letters found within sounds
these world of words symbols
becoming linked to images found in nature
to recreate our beginnings
something borrowed something new
the collaborative effort
of writer and reader alike
adapted for the mind screen
who screamed nothing is new under the sun?
is it not?

as all creation found
in the conscious brain first flung
to descend to this lowly plane of material
as we need books material to create ideas
as we ascend to those celestial realms

as we librarians stamp reality's due date
don't be late; or pay a fine
maybe you still have to pay for a book on loan
from circa 1963?

Remember to learn the Golden Rule
as dangling pom-pom balls in your face hang
as sun glassed eyes
peering through sand sea and sun
and your straw hat tilts like an umbrella
on the beach
Ah, a good summer read!
All Good Boys Deserve Favour
Summer of 42
The Music Flavoured
with spicy word-thoughts
and Everything you Always Wanted To Know
Did you Know That?

Do train the brain
As with words
We become more than the whole of our many parts
We become Soul!

So Please remember to return to the shelf
what was once a solid investment in renewal
And Please, come back again and again!
Save Soup for the Hungry Man Within
who needs to feel this belly full
a real meal
book deal?

All found soon found comfort
found soul food in the tidbits pieced
together from pulp and paper and ink

As Once Upon A Time
we added unto this steaming bowl
of thought stream oughtmeal
cohesive ideas cemented
like Stone Soup (you remember?)
our ideal found in ideas
fragmented in parts we became whole
foraged for truffles and trifles
ate Goldilocks's porridge with her three orisons

We built bridges between us
made physical the invisible
contacted the master constructs
classics culled one another nouveau era
As riches from old forgotten money
suddenly appeared as if suddenly spent
prested like a leaf between pages
nostalgia for long lost
feeling how now
pressed into prestidigitation

once found out we were begot from naught
like a tick-tock
Books beckon me
right round the clock!

And to the lost those who become
discoverer of All things Ancient
Those Inner thought dream Palaces
are primarily literary Places
to curl up in a ball like a cat
to dream and recall
those locked away in the bell tower
safe and secure
from harm
lest they hallucinate!
Bookmarked I would always could come back
good old Terre Firma!

to this place where soul now dwells
once you left the cloud
the seed was grown
as you yearn to return
it all comes back to you
floodgates pour forth pure crystalline imagery
watermark the buffalo stamp
find the fluffy dewy-downy-softness
of light-headiness makes solid this knowledge
of all you can eat all day book buffet
yesterday's design diner on wheels
makes coke float and malted milk shake
fluid flow of treasured pages
Peace found
Wisdom sought
just around the corner
second shelf down

Thank-you Tess Kincaid of Magpie Tales for this week's bookish photographic prompt; inspiring and much fun! Give a read! Give a try at writing a classic!


  1. words represent part of our soul.
    divine sentiments,
    lovely tale.

  2. A rollercoaster of a poem!
    I like it. It's fun to ride.

  3. unwinding from the labyrinth of knowledge that is stored on the shelf....feeding the Soul with such words to boot....enjoy always my Dearest chiccoreal(+)