Monday, May 23, 2011

Emily Dickinson Returns! A Poem A Day Continues "I often passed the village 51/1775

I often passed the village
by Emily Dickinson: comments below by Chiccoreal

I often passed the village
When going home from school —
And wondered what they did there —
And why it was so still —

I did not know the year then —
In which my call would come —
Earlier, by the Dial,
Than the rest have gone.

It's stiller than the sundown.
It's cooler than the dawn —
The Daisies dare to come here —
And birds can flutter down —

So when you are tired —
Or perplexed — or cold —
Trust the loving promise
Underneath the mould,
Cry "it's I," "take Dollie,"
And I will enfold!

Ok this is just freaky! If you studied my last analyses of Emily's poem "I haven't told my garden yet" that I had made prior to this insert I must tell you this! Indeed there is a haunting response to my query on my Chiccoreal take; at the end of my poem asking about whether or not anyone has seen Emily's ghost! And in the very last stanza her, Emily answers my question. "Cry 'it's I', 'take Dollie,' And I will enfold!". Ok so Emily sees herself as a Dollie! And that she wants us to take her across the river when it is our time. Well our time could be when we are "tired" "or perplexed" "or cold". Mind-blowing.

When we "Trust the loving promise Underneath the mould" we realize the honesty, the naturalness in being Spirit, and not the "mould"s or many faces that life makes us wear. We are now true to form and Emily as The Dollie wants to comfort us with her dolls; her poems! How child-like, simplistic and how Emily can, in her time, hear us when we "Cry". If this isn't a ghost-spirit, I don't know what is!

"I passed the Village" is intriguing, as the Village appears empty after school. The Village is the Village of the Dead. Either a graveyard or the Village is empty, people are now at home after work and the Village reminds barren and "dead". Either way the Village is dead. Not damned just not lively. Dead.

"Stiller than the sunset". Yes, another amazing coincidence when Emily says this as I, too, mentioned "sunset" in my last comment in regards to how the sunset sets but not the spirited heart. Emily obviously is this spirited heart that never dies and still talks in her mediumship across the wires.

No the daisies and birds (major themes) do not want to be there when all things die, like the Village (of the Damned; No; just the Dead) is very very still, to the point of being like death. But Emily will be there when we walk through our own particular "valley of death" Psalm 23. Again Emily appears very Christ-like in her being able to walk through this Valley as well as helping others when down and out to overcome the burdens of this life. A totally evoking poem, Ms Emily! Thank-you!

I often have passed the Village of the Dead

When all is said and done
and the world closes up to sleep
for the last time
and you walk by
the night of the living dead
and you find souls crying
fear not!
Ms Emily is hear in her Dollie form
to give you a hug
as your cross over
your very own Valley of Death
Much comfort will ensue
and will come from a friend
who does know you
very well
Through time and space
The Spirit lives within us
Eternally Yours Your Emily Dollie!


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