Wednesday, August 11, 2010

~~~Theme Thursday~~~The Palm Tree Mini-Vacation

Palm Tree Mental Vacation

There Where
Hocus Pocus
Focus attention
Lush Tropical Fruit
Underneath those amazing
Serrated Palm Leaves
rocking gently
coconuts ripen slowly
there green juice
Anti-aging Elixir
The Fountain of Youth
As Forever
Relaxes on
Cool Beaches and
Calm Ocean Breezes

There On
Large wooden trunk anchored
in the sands
to Paradise by the Bay
so far away
only an imagination away
one sleep away
mesmerized today

Here They are
Coconut Pie In The Sky
Mighty and Glamourous
Dream Machine Meaning
blowing in the breeze
images of bentback
Hurricane Palm Trees
Take it
or leaf it

There Where They Are
Close enough to be touched
closer than a breath
snap! dreamin' only!
A fluttering silver palm tree
etched against sand and sea
Palm Trees I have seen
for many years
frame by frame
deeper than
REM sleep mysteries
Psychic Palmistry!

Then When the
Travelog Poster
quick! grab one!
on the corner
of my mind
there is a
treasure trove
a garden of lite up
Coconut Grove Gardens
of monkeylike magic
at my ready fingertips

Here Where
You try to stay
when caught in a dream
climb ever so high
hold me tight this fancy flight
before you scuttle any plans
and low to the ground
a rumble of my stomach
and much hope for the future
Coconuts for lunch!

There Where you be
in the Palm tree breeze
as the westerlies blow
this way and that
through the dream trees
fly away far away
up to the treetop
underneath the leaves
a lovely nest
seemingly so innocuous
as to be benign
the feathersoft touch
silky palm tree done in silver
don't leave
just leaf

When Then
is the Vacation Over?
not until they've all fallen
and awaken
far too often all fall down
and sleep it off
every now and then they stay
as the
that never could
why this happens
when this happens
I do not recount
no pattern of coconuts
were ever left
to find
except the Palm Tree
Wall Paper unravelling
on the walls
in your room
Where They never were
really and the
coconuts never really fall
to the ground
because they dont exist
except on the island
of Palm Trees
to get there
by the way of my sleepy head

jj Harry Nillson Put the Lime in the Coconut


  1. This even reads and feels like a dream. What a clever verse to have crafted for our theme today. Well done you!!

  2. I really enjoyed this, neat rhythm to it and some great phrases. "Coconut pie in the sky"...nice!

    Nice take on the theme!

  3. nice write...there are some dreams i would love to stya in...under a palm with a warm breeze in a hammock, the surf in the background...ahh...dont wake me for a while...smiles.

  4. enjoyed your palm tree mini vacation...Coconut Pie In The good!

  5. I know those palm trees you write about. Thanks.

  6. @Julie, @Me, @Brian Miller, @Claudia, @annell Thank-you so much for your kind as a breeze comments that made me have another mini-vacation!