Sunday, August 15, 2010

~~~OTPBus~~~As The 52 Canoe Lay

Welcome to On The Poetry Bus! Yes Paeder aka Totalbleepin'(you know the rest!). I really think that Paedy was trying the long shot on this one. I'm not goin' on that blinkin' ferris wheel, I dont care how drunk Paedy gets me or if he says "Watch me pee from the top!" Forget it. Somethings just aint worth the risk Peady. Paedy? Yep he's peeing again! Paedy get down from there right this instant. What do you do with boys like Paedy? Really!

As the 52 canoe lay
on the banks those who choose to sweat
those lazy hazy dead daisies
caught just in time brown sepia

Groan Grunt Heave Ho Groan Grunt Heave Ho
Stirring up the mighty rusty
The Water looks like pea pea soup
accompanied by fine brinish wine

Sweat from the Oarsman mark my words
pincante blue cheese in Hollandaise
nade going faster power roar
Breeze of splashing wave from them thar

Now we're being pulled over by Bobby
Looking rather spiffy an ad
What's this then he demands answer
Nothing Officer but stinky cheese

Go ahead then we heard him croon
looked back let go and smiled
All on a lovely Summer day
Life Couldnt be better weather


Want to get really messed up? go here and dont say I didnt warn ya!


  1. stinky cheese...ha. nice write...

  2. Kind of an updated Lewis Carroll thing going on here. Fun and dizzying!

  3. Hey Chic Coreal I don't know how to tell you that this is GOOD! I don't even know WHY I think it's good...but I DO!

    I'm a sucker for water. boats, stinky cheese, and singers--and lots of other things.

    Peader sound kinda like "Everyboy" or "Everyman". From top of a Ferris Wheel, huh? Well, SOMEBODY got wet...yet!

    Thank for an enjoyable few here.

  4. Of all the things the picture prompt brought to my mind, stinky cheese was not one of them! :) lol

  5. interesting take chicco!
    Can't wait to see what your prompt is gonna be for this week!!!

  6. 'Life couldn't be better weather' Oh, I love that!
    And all the foody stuff, pea pea soup and brinish wine? Lovely.

    Looking forward to YOU driving the bus this week!

    Ps.The top of the ferris wheel? I didn't pee, I pooped!

  7. Quite an interesting poem. Love all the sounds and the straining at the oars.
    Are you driving the bus Monday? Will you be suggesting a theme soon (so's we can work on it, maybe)?