Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mag#160 I Can Do PICASSO

mag 160

teaching taught us
by the Master's hand
to etch ever deeper
into the surround of soulful things
to recreate this
permanent place and eternal marker
in impatient impasto 
yes, it is 
of the Artist
of the Art
that brought us
dark age caves
into the light bright
rebrith of night
wages of sin
begun again
to breath anew
refeshed causeway
coursing through
short strokes
of incandescence
teasingly bright
the golden door of latenT energies
submerged to FINd the fountaihead
all over the canvas
past and futre
exit together
to admit one
moment only
the immediate
intensely driven
macca for macho
teasiingly bringht eyed
retreating to Avignon
to the DesMoiselles there
floozies flouncing
Minotaurs bouncing
birds doing what birds do
all these
ancient old molds
forms that  the cloud shaman sold
earth's brainstem shooting her stars
seemly so
Luna is not
to be forgotten
yet so forgotten
 seemingly so
many lanky models
languor in the flesh
smokin' hot years spent
immobilizing the
latent spirit of energy 
so that there would be
nothing left anyway
laughingly so droll
you of the blue mood
tickup the palette
of the black moon eyes
He's all over you
and so underneath everything
dancing up a storm with chimeras
halflings or quarterlings
so wonton of springflings
yarns made yaw, yeah woven
tapping out the rhythm
of sticky desire
wishing the joy of life
would wash over us
like his 
sexual innuendo
taught so well
in the Altier
passion's urgent emergency
stoking the Minotaurs energy 
holding nothing back
but centered perspective of intent
the muse does plays with the Master's hand
albiet somewhat sparsely
mincing the muscled spare parts 
the ancient dream connects
with this place
in the painting
Sky masculine softens to sacred
Peachy done on the beach
via sexual healing



  1. I loved this Chicco- tou are dancing through the heart of the master, cheers

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